1244 serious Sexual Offences in Suffolk

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    A 40% rise in reported serious sexual offences to Suffolk Constabulary since the previous year. Last month in March 2017, 163 sexual offences were reported in the county. Absolutely shocking. Without a doubt Ipswich makes up a big chunk of such figures but specifics haven't been released upon area.

    Sexual offences and domestic abuse crimes in Suffolk rise by up to 40% in a year
    Tim Passmore, Suffolk’s police and crime commissioner, said more resources have been invested and insisted victims now have more confidence in the criminal justice system and awareness of support services.

    There was a 40% rise in reported serious sexual offences between April 2016 and April 2017 compared to a three-year average, a Suffolk Constabulary Accountability and Performance Panel report showed. The number has risen from 892 to 1,244. The report said the figure has been “driven by contemporary offences”. A record high of 163 were reported in March 2017. The solved rate fell from 15% to 9%.

    Margarida Santos Silva, chair of the trustee board at charity Suffolk Rape Crisis, said the figures were “concerning”.

    This news from Ipswich Star comes just hours after a woman was sexually assaulted in Foxhall Road in Ipswich, weeks after a woman was raped in Rope Walk in Ipswich near Suffolk New College, and months after an underage girl was plied with drugs and allegedly gang raped in Bulwer Road in Ipswich and an incident just outside of Ipswich of an attempted rape at Melton railway station.

    The public has been advised to remain calm (since the recent violent crime wave began last year) with the police expecting the crime wave to finish. Not bad for Tim Passmore who collects £70,000 salary from the public purse whilst claiming gang turf war as an excuse for many of the crimes which doesn't really extend so far into most of the sexual offences that primarily women and children have to endure. This Ipswich Crime epidemic needs fixing and if that means Tim Passmore has to go... so be it, this is all on his watch and he has been unsuccessful at reducing an sexual offences, violent crime and drug related crimes.
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    Suffolk Child Sexual Abuse reports increases by 44%, Domestic Abuse rose by 28% to 4796.
    child sexual abuse reports rose from 559 to 804 – a 44% increase.

    Domestic abuse incidents rose by 28%, from 3,734 in the last three years on average to 4,796 in the last 12 months.

    Also from the same article.
    Sally Winston, chief executive of Ipswich domestic abuse charity Lighthouse Women’s Aid, said: “It is quite shocking and a bit of a worry. We get about 10 referrals a day. People probably don’t realise the extent of it. But all frontline officers have received training to better identify domestic abuse, such as body language, when they are called out to homes.”

    Suffolk’s police and crime commissioner Tim Passmore said: “I’m aware that there has been this big increase, but I think it’s a measure of the trust and confidence that more people are coming forward.

    “That’s really important, because unless you get people reporting it, we can’t deal with it, and that helps me with the chief constable to allocate resources appropriately. But we are making progress. I can assure people of that.”

    Detective Superintendent David Cutler, of Suffolk’s Protecting Vulnerable People team, said: “The rise in reporting of serious sexual offences in Suffolk in the past year is a national trend seen across the country, reflecting a greater confidence of victims to come forward and tell the police what has happened to them.

    “Sadly, some of our victims of sexual offences are children and so the trend correlates with an increase in child sexual abuse.

    The worrying aspect is:
    The solved rate fell from 15% to 9%.

    This means only 1 in 10 of reported crime gets solved. Absolutely disgusting, what do we pay our taxes for?