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Discussion in 'Central Ipswich' started by dan5, Aug 5, 2017.

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    Some Ipswich litter enforcement statistics (FOI).

    In the last 5 years, 251 Environmental Protection Act s88 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) for leaving litter were issued by Ipswich Borough Council. 239 have been paid and 9 unpaid. (Doesn't add up, maybe they cancelled some?)

    21 Community Protection Notices (CPNs) under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act (ASBCPA) 2014 s43 have been issued.

    Year 2012-13, 88 FPNs were issued.
    Year 2013-14: 62 FPNs were issued.
    Year 2014-15: 76 FPNs were issued.
    Year 2015-16: 16 FPNs were issued.

    (The request was earlier in the year before the 2016-17 (July) figures were available)

    Everyone pulling their weight or is the council becoming lazy? They used to be hot on litter but moved on to parking enforcement. Thinking back to the photo of litter at the last Maritime Festival in 2015... only 16 FPNs were issued and there was absolutely no litter picking done.

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