RE: Mongol Rally: Micra Driver Heading From Ipswich On 10,000 Mile Trip

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    I hate all these events... charity is just a way of justifying something... "Oh but it is for charity..."

    If you are doing a fundraising event for charity the fundamental importance is raising the money...

    The most popular fundraising activities for charitable causes is head shaves and bed of baked beans. Why? They are very cheap to do. In recent years you can probably add cold buckets of water...

    I actually like the sound of this adventure... probably once in a lifetime. They say charity starts at home... well, it doesn't mean the primary beneficiary is yourself! Even if not in cash terms.

    The rules of rally (according to the video) is raising £1000 (or more) for charity. I am not sure if he will be raising money and taking off his expenses or whether he is covering all his costs for the trip.

    From an earlier Ipswich Star article (before they had a car):-

    I wish them well. Related links...
    Rallying4Rainforests (direct to Cool Earth, £120 raised so far)
    (funding for visa, food etc. - over £4k - states £2k of it will go charity)
    All Pamir and No Idea: Mongol Rally 2017 (failed - either didn't meet minimum or didn't meet their rules probably the latter)

    Added: Seems a "gofundme" account setup to fund the trip to the tune of £4201 so far. £2k is supposed to go to charity of this amount... I am not sure if this includes the £1k from the Cool Earth fundraiser - if so would be misleading. Of course, still plenty of time for fundraising. I think it is all good but I get the impression that neither are sticking their hands in their own pockets which may mean problems if they don't raise enough. You have to be hopeful but there is a need to underwrite the cost of the trip so raised monies go to charity. I wouldn't have a clue how much such a rally would cost for 2 people. The other question to be asked is, if the £2k targets to the charities have been accounted for and all their costs met, does the balance of monies reach the charities or their back pockets? (If they do well in fundraising do they choose a hostel to increase monies to charity or do they invest in a well-deserved hotel?) I guess the answer is:- "we will need to wait!"
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