RE: What Is Ben Gummer Doing Next?

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Discussion in 'Local Politics' started by dan5, Jul 15, 2017.

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    It has been just over a month since Ben Gummer lost his job as MP for Ipswich.

    On his website he has the following statement...

    It gives the impression of him breaking ties with Ipswich and the Conservative Party.

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    Anyhow... does anyone know what Ben Gummer is doing now or plans to do now? A big advocate of Ipswich, I wonder if he will continue this... or do something completely different?

    Locally, hints of Ben Gummer delivering kebabs ...and suggestions from the Suffolk Gazette of Ben Gummer working in McDonalds, are highly likely to be untrue (regardless of how unfortunate that is for some people).

    The below image from Suffolk Gazette - the article is well worth a read... click the above link.

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    It is also widely speculated that he has burnt some significant bridges both in central government and local government amongst other Conservative Party members. We have to give him credit, he was planning to build (3) new bridges...
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