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Discussion in 'Tourism' started by dan5, Jul 14, 2017.

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    The "Ipswich Festive Market" last year was extremely disappointing - despite promising to be better than ever.

    Earlier this year, I wrote to David Ellesmere at Ipswich Borough Council to suggest he allowed a consortium of businesses and the community to organise a special event - something which Ipswich Borough Council and Ipswich Central are incapable of doing. This has fell on deaf ears, with no further action taken.

    Maybe he took offence or didn't understand why an event for xmas would need to be planned before November. If he had agreed to this allowing independent traders to get on board, planning would have started around about now. It is a lot to organise.

    This is not something we aim to do this year - too much going on - but in 2018 we will most certainly consider it... even if the event needs to be held in direct competition with the event promoted by Ipswich Borough Council. This could be Trinity Park, held in a public park with IBC permission or a farmers field. Possibly even creating a Suffolk one outside Ipswich.

    The Tourism boost to the town - both in the festive period and throughout the year - with a successful festive market would be significant.

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