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This covers Central Ipswich - Ipswich Town Centre including the political wards of Alexandra, St Margarets and Westgate - and for all intents and purposes the Ipswich Central BID (Business Improvement District) area, "Ipswich Village" and the Ipswich Waterfront (quayside only).

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  1. dan5

    Ipswich Maritime Festival 2017: The Vikings Are Here!

    by dan5 in Town Centre (Central Ipswich)Aug 14, 2017 with 15 replies and 74 views.

    Oh we do love to be beside the … Waterfront!Yes, preparations are under way for the fabulous Ipswich Maritime Festival, which offers fun and frolics by the water on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th August.The two days will be filled with music, historical re-enactments, a variety of vessels, street food, fairground rides, Punch & Judy, a range of stalls and children’s activities.Entry to the Maritime Festival is free and a fully programmed...

    Latest reply: Some people are a bit annoyed by it all. (If it isn't found will take a while to work, the following link to the main topic)Ipswich Star article on facebook has brought out a lot of home truths.Common themes:-Needs to be more maritime - so...

  2. dan5

    Ranelagh Road Closure - Ipswich Railway Station forecourt improvement scheme

    by dan5 in Town Centre (Central Ipswich)Feb 20, 2017 with 9 replies and 14 views.

    Ranelagh Road Closure (part) 10-weeks estimated for:- replacing traffic lightsupgrading street lightingNational Grid gas main worksnew bus and taxi sheltersreplacing road markings and signs on all three approaches to the stationresurfacing of the station forecourt area - bus and taxi lanesI wonder if the "replaced road markings" will result in pushed-back stop lines and introducing of ASL on Burrell Road and Princes Street. More...

    Latest reply: Tuesday 28 February 201709:28 P&R was 4 minutes late. I got on the 09:40 Park and Ride service which diverted through Hadleigh Road. At the lights waiting to turn right into West End Road, an articulated lorry for AAH Pharmaceuticals jumped...

  3. dan5

    Connexions 159

    by dan5 in Town Centre (Central Ipswich)Jul 13, 2017 with 8 replies and 94 views.

    Please please please, somebody take this building (or a floor) already!Connexions 159 Office Block - Office Space Ipswich, SuffolkTO LET: Town centre location2 minutes walk from Ipswich Train Station • 5 minutes walk to Town Centre • 60+ car parking spaces • Grade A office space of 44,646 sq ft • Suites from 8,540 sq ft to 44,646 sq ftWWbR2wDdV28http://www.connexions159.co.uk/downloads/Connexions159-flyer.pdf

    Latest reply: Was looking at Google Maps for unrelated matters, and stumbled across this...Princes Street Plaza07932 758886Rated 4 Star by Paul Birchall.168 Despite saying commercial property estate agent... on the map it shows an accommodation icon....

  4. Ipswi

    Ipswich Society to meet to discuss Cornhill Redevelopment

    by Ipswi in Town Centre (Central Ipswich)May 1, 2017 with 6 replies and 20 views.

    Ipswich Society members are to meet to discuss the Cornhill Redevelopment situation the day after the 8-week target date of the planning application.CORNHILL REDEVELOPMENT DISCUSSION MEETING FOR MEMBERSWednesday 10th May - 7.30pm - Museum Street Methodist ChurchThe new proposals for the Cornhill, with their impact right at the core of our town and involving a large sum of public money, are of great importance to us all. They are soon to be...

    Latest reply: Took them a while to even acknowledge the event had taken place!Quite a good turn out. I will be interested in the views given.As an External Consultee for the council they will report back to the council in due course. I feel a compromise...

  5. dan5

    Every tree counts towards making our town greener, more beautiful and vibrant

    by dan5 in Town Centre (Central Ipswich)Apr 28, 2017 with 5 replies and 24 views.

    Every tree counts towards making our town greener, more beautiful and vibrant....https://twitter.com/ben4ipswich/status/857851989669097473What trees?https://twitter.com/PaulBrannenNE/status/857853557932003328He has a point...https://twitter.com/ben4ipswich/status/857884927261593600Not that visible though.

    Latest reply: Ben Gummer is obsessed with trees... not a coincidence for the tree-like structure of the Ben Bridge (Upper Orwell Crossings) and not the originally intended basic structure?

  6. dan5

    Lloyds Avenue rejuvenation?

    by dan5 in Town Centre (Central Ipswich)Mar 17, 2017 with 5 replies and 12 views.

    Penn Commercial has a brochure (property particulars) for the former pub in Lloyds Avenue with an artist impression of "A view of street montage that has been proposed for Lloyds Avenue" - is this actually a proposed design by the council or some nonsense the commercial estate agent has put together to get a client?I was only ever aware of the roof version of Lloyds Avenue being proposed (without substance - merely an idea without a...

    Latest reply: Lloyds Avenue regeneration should have been included as part of the Cornhill plans.It is comical that the roads of Princes Street and Queen Street which didn't need tampering about with were redeveloped first. Actually, a lot of crossings in...

  7. Ipswi

    Has the Ipswich Waterfront bubble burst?

    by Ipswi in Town Centre (Central Ipswich)Mar 6, 2017 with 5 replies and 14 views.

    Cult Cafe bar and The Brewery Tap to close?Ipswich Star had recently reported that The Brewery Tap is closing. See: The Brewery Tap closes. Speculation of this due to zero rating from a food hygiene inspection to a struggling enterprise. The Brewery Tap could actually be closing due to the redevelopment of the Cliff Quay former Tolly Cobbold brewery site or Upper Orwell Crossing going through the site to Cliff Lane. As more information...

    Latest reply: The James Hehir Building, floors 1-4 is jumping from £213,000 business rateable value to £270,000!£57,000 jump. This is an annual business rates bill of approx £28.5k more than at current.I would assume the university would demand expect a...

  8. dan5

    Police Advice: Use public transport when bridge is shut!

    by dan5 in Town Centre (Central Ipswich)Feb 22, 2017 with 5 replies and 13 views.

    Such an out-of-touch suggestion by the police for motorists to use public transport instead of their car for a closed Orwell Bridge!https://twitter.com/IpsCentPolice/status/834460040585236488Our response:https://twitter.com/NorthernBypass/status/834461224582647808https://twitter.com/NorthernBypass/status/834461946401476615It is never practical to use public transport on congested roads... I understand the concept that if everyone...

    Latest reply: Ipswich Buses Ltd lost Managing Director Jeremy Cooper and Finance Director Julie Dyson after they both quit the company. I believe they have a caretaker MD whilst operations are run by Operations Manager Andrew Cook.I am not sure if Jeremy...

  9. dan5

    Ipswich Station: Better Than Before?

    by dan5 in Town Centre (Central Ipswich)Aug 15, 2017 with 4 replies and 30 views.

    So, if Ipswich Rail Station any better than before? By now you will be well aware that the temporary asphalt has gone for the non-black surface... 313 This Paul Geater image (I have removed someones face as not relevant for the article) shows a new depth to the new railway station forecourt... It has been butchered worse than my image editing! That is saying something.Anyone see the black sealant? Both to the left and right of Mr...

    Latest reply: Believe it or not it is 2017... why are we still using induction loops?! Why would you use induction loops if having such a light road surface? Errr... not sure, perhaps drop off but it is clearly parked. Look at the road surface... all the oil...

  10. Ipswi

    The Link scrapped plan another nail in Ipswich waterfront coffin

    by Ipswi in Town Centre (Central Ipswich)Apr 25, 2017 with 4 replies and 56 views.

    Archant's old offices in Lower Brook Street were to be turned into "The Link" - an architecturally brilliant mixed office, retail, leisure, hotel and multi-storey car park development. Penn Commercial as agent and Wrenbridge as developer. Not an greyfriars disaster. Except, aiming for the floor, Ipswich is to get retirement housing development instead. The Link wasn't that ambitious. CGI drawings hint at a Waitrose on ground floor. £20m of...

    Latest reply: Everything planned which is the "breath of fresh air", exciting and something to be ambitious about, either doesn't make it past the idea stage or gets considerably changed before it is implemented. The council scares a lot of businesses away...

  11. dan5

    Rail Station bus shelters delayed due to installation problems

    by dan5 in Town Centre (Central Ipswich)May 8, 2017 with 4 replies and 16 views.

    Already many months overdue, another hurdle has been hit. The bus shelters due to be installed at the brand new renovated Ipswich Rail Station forecourt will not be installed until after the General Election! Perhaps, not until the Summer months.Street lighting, fencing and bus shelters are all pending projects, as the station forecourt remains incomplete and unfinished.Ben Gummer was able to influence additional trees to be installed...

    Latest reply: I just noticed your second comment after I posted... interesting how we both used the same word to describe it... shambles.I wouldn't be surprised if they don't just have a few more trees and some more of the slab benching.

  12. ipswichltd

    Great White Horse Hotel change of use withdrawn!

    by ipswichltd in Town Centre (Central Ipswich)Mar 17, 2017 with 4 replies and 15 views.

    We are absolutely delighted that the listed building planning application for The Great White Horse Hotel has been withdrawn!We have been informed by Martyn Fulcher BSc(Hons) PGDip MRTPI, Planning and Development Operations Manager:-I am able to inform you that the application has now been withdrawn, and therefore no further action will be taken in respect of it.We were primarily concerned about the loss of a historical hotel (where there...

    Latest reply: sorry, scrolled right past your last update, hence my post an hour os so later!.

  13. dan5

    Ipswich Waterfront: Rubbish

    by dan5 in Town Centre (Central Ipswich)Apr 10, 2017 with 4 replies and 27 views.

    Is this really how the council & co wishes visitors and residents to see our town?https://twitter.com/road_runner101/status/850367846865567746 

    Latest reply: It has all the hallmarks of Ipswich Central with IBC piggybacking off the event. It wouldn't have been difficult for the council to have organised a basic litter-picking of the area. No doubt they probably never realised the state the town is in...

  14. dan5

    Key Street Repaving

    by dan5 in Town Centre (Central Ipswich)Jul 6, 2017 with 2 replies and 37 views.

    Ipswich Society reports that on Monday work will begin on paving Key Street. This will involve 12 weeks of roadworks - with Key Street having alternating closure of one lane while the work goes ahead. No doubt this not completely necessary work (the lack of weed control has created this problem) is a result of the Wine Rack plans and Quay Place renovation. After years of wrangling as to where the developer's boundary ends and Suffolk...

    Latest reply: Further update (from Ipswich Society):-id=1693324810963630;type=videoThis work includes installing a Toucan Crossing which will not only give a pedestrian and cyclist crossing across Key Street but also help traffic trying to enter Key Street...

  15. dan5

    German Doner Kebab Coming To Ipswich

    by dan5 in Town Centre (Central Ipswich)Jul 9, 2017 with 2 replies and 62 views.

    I can reveal that German Doner Kebab have applied for planning permission to open a restaurant opposite Love Thy Burger in Westgate Street. This is A3 usage so isn't intended to primarily be a fast food takeaway.Application for determination of whether prior approval is required for conversion from A1 (retail) to A3 (restaurant) use.This was formerly the Granite Outdoors shop. I suppose it offers variety to Turkish doner kebabs whatever...

    Latest reply: When will the next recession be? Half these restaurants will disappear. What really annoys me is the "budget" and "super budget" hotels springing up. How the chains work is requiring a 25-30% occupancy to survive. I would be surprised if...

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