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    Ipswich Heritage Open Days

    All about Ipswich Heritage Open Days
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  1. dan5

    Welcome to Ipswich!

    by dan5 in TourismDec 8, 2017 with 0 replies and 31 views.

    Welcome to IPSWICH East Anglia's Waterfront Town904

  2. photovideobot

    Views of Ipswich and its People in the Year 2000 [YouTube]

    by photovideobot in TourismFeb 18, 2017 with 0 replies and 44 views.

    Views of Ipswich and its People in the Year 2000 by AlexanderEdwardArt on YouTube.A selection of camcorder footage of the town Ipswich and its people in 2000. There have been a few changes to Ipswich, most notably the wet dock, seen toward the end of the film.

  3. dan5

    Upper Orwell Crossings Model

    by dan5 in TourismApr 13, 2017 with 0 replies and 46 views.

    A student Jordan Wright posted on IPSWI a Sketchup Model of the Upper Orwell Crossings with all known information at this moment in time. quick SketchUp model of the proposed Upper Orwell Crossing.*Note - all measurements are innacurate, all based on the first render images. that at the model looks higher than proposed images. No access for...

  4. dan5

    Unlimited National Banger Championship Of The World

    by dan5 in TourismOct 7, 2017 with 3 replies and 102 views.

    Today is the Unlimited National Banger Championship Of The World at Foxhall Heath Stadium (Foxhall Stadium, and sometimes referred to as Foxhall International Raceway), which attracts thousands of visitors to the town. Other events at this stadium included the Brisca F1 World Final this year, Spedeweekend (sometimes incorrectly referred to as Speed weekend), National Hot Rod Championship of the World and Gala Night around fireworks night;...

    Latest reply: I think it was a problem across much of Kesgrave, Bixley etc.I know the eastern part of Foxhall Road had cars parked either side of the road etc.They need to look for a parking solution longer term but I guess as it is quite infrequent people...

  5. photovideobot

    Tourist likes the old Ipswich Rail Station forecourt

    by photovideobot in TourismFeb 18, 2017 with 0 replies and 39 views.

    Ipswich Train Station 18 May 2012 by Pariah599 on YouTube.Outside the Ipswich train station!

  6. Ipswich

    Tourism: Essential To Ipswich

    by Ipswich in TourismJul 10, 2017 with 1 replies and 96 views.

    An article from Ipswich Society:- tourism is a vital part of the UK economy. In 2015, domestic and international tourists made 192 million trips to visit the UK’s cultural, historic and natural assets. They spent £17.5 billion while doing so. ‘Heritage tourism’ encompasses heritage attractions, such as castles, galleries and...

    Latest reply: Exactly what I am getting at (with focus on Anglo Saxon history etc)... they say heritage tourism... I call it traditional tourism or simply tourism. How dare Ipswich Central and Greater Ipswich DMO promote a one-day leisure get-away when we...

  7. wrightie

    Tourism is worth £220m to the local economy BBC Look East

    by wrightie in TourismMay 10, 2017 with 5 replies and 119 views.

    I don't know if anyone saw it but I thought it was worth sharing. Love the titles they use though, Ipswich Destination Organisation Management.A new report says that tourism is worth £220m to the local economy, and it predicts that figure could grow by £65m within three years. The findings come at a critical time for the town, tonight its playing host to officials from some of the biggest tourist attractions in the country....

    Latest reply: A follow up propaganda article...The Celebrating Ipswich conference at Trinity Park was organised by the town’s new Destination Management Organisation (DMO), Ipswich Central and the University of Suffolk to bring together hotels, leisure based...

  8. photovideobot

    Top Tourist Attractions in Ipswich - England [YouTube]

    by photovideobot in TourismFeb 13, 2017 with 0 replies and 35 views.

    Top Tourist Attractions in Ipswich - England by UltramodernHome on YouTube.Top Tourist Attractions and Beautiful Places in Ipswich - England: New Wolsey Theatre, Christchurch Park, Holywells Park, Christchurch Mansion, Hollow Trees Farm Shop, Ipswich Waterfront, Ancient House, Ipswich Transport Museum, The Giles Statue, Regent Theatre, Portman Road Stadium, The Willis Building

  9. dan5

    Suffolk Show in top 15 UK events for May 2017

    by dan5 in TourismMay 8, 2017 with 2 replies and 75 views.

    Ipswich Star is reporting Suffolk Show in top 15 UK events for May 2017 by, owned by TripAdvisor, when we looked at the site we found an unordered list including Suffolk Show on a blog post.The annual two-day extravaganza has been chosen by UK rental giants, owned by TripAdvisor, as one of the top 15 events in May across the UK.Saskia Welman, a spokesman at, said: “Regarded...

    Latest reply: Indeed it is a poorly put together blog, TripAdvisor bought up the independent website business and let them get on with it. I am sure there is someone in the office that just focuses on doing some blog content and contacting all local press in...

  10. Ipswi

    Reform Suffolk

    by Ipswi in TourismApr 12, 2017 with 5 replies and 59 views.

    Reform Suffolk: Mark Ling

    Latest reply: oh well, that's that excitement over. Mark did really well, and Bixley was never going to change colour... 

  11. dan5

    Rebuild Ipswich West Gate?

    by dan5 in TourismJul 8, 2017 with 5 replies and 277 views.

    Is it about time we rebuilt some (or one) of Ipswich's historical gates for tourism purposes?This is something I have been wanting to explore for some time but hitting a brick-wall with no real representation of what any of the three main gates looked like (east gate, west gate and north gate)... until I stumbled across a post on Ipswich Society's facebook page containing a picture of the replica West Gate built for the Golden Jubilee in...

    Latest reply: 32 33

  12. photovideobot

    Proud to be IP3 [YouTube]

    by photovideobot in TourismFeb 13, 2017 with 0 replies and 40 views.

    Proud to be IP3 by MediaTrust UK on YouTubeClub 4 Teenz is a Community Voices supported community of young people in the Gainsborough area of Ipswich. They applied to Media Trust for support to make a film challenging the negative stigma attached to young people in the area and this is what they made.

  13. photovideobot

    Lost Pubs of Ipswich

    by photovideobot in TourismFeb 13, 2017 with 2 replies and 44 views.

    Lost Pubs of Ipswich by eddiegrundy1 on YouTube.A selection of closed pubs in Ipswich, some derelict, some in a variety of other uses. For some, demolition awaits. But others may be brought back to life as pubs one day.

    Latest reply: I find it very interesting in the town centre in particular... most shops are converted pubs.I have to agree with you - I never knew about that one before I saw the video.

  14. photovideobot

    Live Shot of Neptune Marina (Webcam)

    by photovideobot in TourismFeb 19, 2017 with 0 replies and 77 views.

    Live Shot of Neptune Marina (live webcam, 10 second updates) by Neptune Marina Ltd.Click the image or above text to view actual webcam (the above is a snapshot).

  15. Ipswi

    Ipswich: shabby and rundown cesspit hell hole

    by Ipswi in TourismApr 25, 2017 with 3 replies and 130 views.

    Just over 5 years ago Ipswich callers phoned up a BBC Radio Suffolk breakfast show presented by current Ipswich Central chairman Terry Baxter to give their views on the town. Ben Gummer MP was shocked and angered over people commented on how "shabby and rundown" the town is with others going to extremes calling it a "cesspit" and "hell hole". Naturally the politicians didn't listen to the concerns and discarded comments as from a few negative...

    Latest reply: Even with the controversial Cornhill project, this won't improve the state of the rest of the town centre.Unfortunately, none of the town's elite will listen to taxpayers and voters... it needs to be a well respected or well-known outsider to...

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