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  1. dan5

    Itfc Season Ticket Holders Pay Full Fare On Ipswich Buses

    by dan5 in SportAug 7, 2017 with 0 replies and 47 views.

    Ipswich Town Football Club has ceased its £1 promotional fare offer with Ipswich Buses for season ticket holders.893009728179228673They will now need to pay £1.90 single like everyone else.

  2. dan5

    Ipswich Town Football Club drop in season ticket sales

    by dan5 in SportMay 12, 2017 with 2 replies and 53 views.

    Ipswich Star is reporting a drop in season ticket sales of 15% or approximately 2000. Full article below...The EADT and Ipswich Star understands that, compared to this time last year, there is a 15% decrease in sales – a drop from around 12,000 to close to 10,000.It continues a worrying trend, with the club having seen a decrease in season ticket sales of around 1,000 last summer too.The Blues have just finished 16th in the Championship...

    Latest reply: It is absolutely absurd but if Ipswich Town were doing well it would boost the town's economy. If ITFC got promoted to the premiership, the town would unlock more investment and the tourism industry would almost double. This is excluding the club...

  3. Nottingham Forest survived relegation on goal difference on the final game of the season at home. This has left some town fans with rumours and suspicion as to the probability of match fixing either for a bribe or lack of desire to play for little to gain on the final game which isn't in the spirit of football. This said - looking back at the match histories between the two teams, it could just well be a coincidence or a sign of how bad...

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