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Public Notices is for getting information out there! Whether you want to thank someone, apologise, make a comment on something you thought was significant but not in itself for a topic or any other public notice, this is the forum for it.

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  1. Ipswi

    Readme: Public Notices on IPSWI

    by Ipswi in Public NoticesFeb 17, 2017 with 0 replies and 53 views.

    This latest addition on IPSWI is for creating public notices. Some examples are as follows:- Thanking or apologising to someone (pedestrian in the street,another motorist etc.) you didn't get round to doing so Exceptional customer service Appeal for information Reporting something out of the ordinary Missed connections

  2. dan5

    Kaspas Waste

    by dan5 in Public NoticesFeb 17, 2017 with 0 replies and 59 views.

    Today I observed an employee from Ipswich Borough Council (bright orange high-vis with IBC on back) showing an employee of Kaspas (assume it was the manager) the bins in Dogs Head Street.I have heard others criticise Kaspa's Deserts and the amount of waste and condition they leave their bins in.Does anyone know if IBC is taking enforcement action over Kaspa's?

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