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    Ipswich Democracy Group

    A democratic group for Ipswich consisting of voters and taxpayers instead of Ipswich Vision Group and Greater Ipswich Partnership.
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    Travel Ipswich

    Travel Ipswich 2.0
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    Cornhill Regeneration

    All about the controversial Ipswich Cornhill Regeneration/Redevelopment Project by Ipswich Borough Council
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    Discussions about Past and Current politicians
    Latest: Paul WestDec 12, 2017,dan5
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    Upper Orwell Crossings

    Discuss the Upper Orwell Crossings
  1. Orwell Unitary Authority

    Discuss a Orwell Unitary Authority/North Haven Unitary Authority/Greater Ipswich Unitary Authority.
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    Ipswich Traffic Gridlock

    Report on Ipswich traffic congestion, problems and incidents.
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  1. dan5

    What Is Ben Gummer Doing Next?

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsJul 15, 2017 with 2 replies and 258 views.

    It has been just over a month since Ben Gummer lost his job as MP for Ipswich.On his website he has the following statement...Thanking the people of Ipswich“As a Suffolk boy, it has been the greatest honour to represent a town I have known and cared about since I was a child. I am proud of what we have done in the last seven years to help Ipswich begin to become the town it deserves to be.“That vision has only begun to be realized...

    Latest reply: Still an MP according to his linkedin... which unfortunately is private. He has 8 connections on there.If the following is true, this is really poor...Ousted Tory minister puts office up for sale - doesn't bother clearing up firstThough he...

  2. Ipswich

    Ipswich Entertains

    by Ipswich in Local PoliticsJul 13, 2017 with 0 replies and 72 views.

    I cannot say I am a fan of Ipswich Entertains - the rebrand or the website.41 An basic wordpress website listing a few events it suffers from some serious lack of optimisation. Ipswich Borough Council should be insisting on using professionals when it comes to something as important as promoting the town's events. 42 43 4445 14 seconds!!! (Or longer if you have a slow connection speed)46Here is the major (but not sole problem...)The...

  3. dan5

    Ipswich Carnival

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsJul 10, 2017 with 9 replies and 230 views.

    Is it time to bring back Ipswich Carnival?30 I felt a part of the community soul got destroyed when it was axed. I know it got brought back briefly unsuccessfully due to the council not wanting it to succeed. Over the years the town has become more diverse, yet we don't have a carnival. Felixstowe Carnival continues strong as does many other places in Suffolk - and indeed other counties nationwide, but why not Ipswich? Even if the...

    Latest reply: Don't get me started with the Key Street lane closure! It is necessary, just not for that duration... a month should be adequate for both sides (i.e. 2 weeks each, ideally with a break between doing either side) I would argue it could be done...

  4. Ipswi

    The Upper Orwell Crossings a bridge too far?

    by Ipswi in Local PoliticsApr 11, 2017 with 36 replies and 223 views.

    From Ipswich Society newsletter Ipswich Society April 2017 (issue 207):-Clever politicians throw their weight behind projects that are likely to succeed and avoid those that will be a long time coming. Thus we can guess that the proposals to build additional bridges over the Orwell and the New Cut are likely to happen sooner rather than later.However the rationale for the biggest of these bridges is debatable and the methodology used to...

    Latest reply: As stated in the NBP topic, I had a meeting with Sandy Martin this morning. Most of it is confidential so cannot divulge it. I must share some points with you on IPSWI though. My interpretation of various points within the conversation:-...

  5. Ipswi

    Ipswich Buses Woes: privatisation?

    by Ipswi in Local PoliticsApr 13, 2017 with 5 replies and 93 views.

    Is there an major problem with municipal bus company Ipswich Buses Ltd? We had written to David Ellesmere with our concerns months ago who had responded along-the-lines of "all is fine" without injecting much confidence in his response. Their Managing Director and Finance Director both went recently, a new MD hasn't been found (Rob Bellamy from Peterborough remains interim Managing Director, previously Waste and Fleet Management Consultant...

    Latest reply: It appears Ipswich Borough Council has bailed out Ipswich Buses Ltd to the tune of £252,000:- Charge code: 0200 0058 0003 Registration of a charge (MR01) Created: 30 May 2017 Delivered: 7 June 2017 Status: Outstanding Persons...

  6. dan5

    Carr Street Co-op to be Primary School

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsJun 13, 2017 with 0 replies and 46 views.

    The former Co-op department store in Carr Street, Ipswich, is set to become a primary school.Feeling déjà vu? After Central Government declined a previous attempt the county council has managed to pull a few strings to get the project to go ahead with alternative funding. It is scheduled to open in September 2019.There is a desperate need for primary school places, however, this is clearly a poor location for it. I am sure various other...

  7. Ipswi

    Northern Bypass Routes

    by Ipswi in Local PoliticsJun 12, 2017 with 2 replies and 54 views.

    Northern Bypass Routes original topic by Susan H from Streetlife.Northern Bypass RoutesWell, I've just been looking at the proposed Northern Bypass Routes announced today and despite the fact they say they've used a 'broad brush' to avoid blighting any properties, I think it is pretty obvious it's not possible to take another road off the Claydon A14 Junction, without demolishing some houses...... Interesting. I am... pleased is not the...

    Latest reply: Comments from that EADT/Ipswich Star article...< Monday, January 23, 2017 > Visionary said:@IpswichBristol That is what I would have instinctively said and the estimated costs to dual the A120 are quite shocking. As you no doubt realise no...

  8. Ipswi

    Unitary Authority for Greater Ipswich?

    by Ipswi in Local PoliticsJun 12, 2017 with 2 replies and 40 views.

    An article about a Greater Ipswich Unitary Authority for Ipswich, originally posted by myself on Streetlife.Unitary Authority for Greater Ipswich?Not much confidence in Suffolk County Council and Ipswich Borough Council combo.Suffolk Coastal District Council and Waveney District Council has shared a CEO since 2008 and the council has claimed to have saved £16m since 2010 by doing this. The councils have been working in partnership since...

    Latest reply: Since this topic, Orwell Ahead have been proposing Reform Suffolk to create three Unitary Authorities across Suffolk. One of these would be an Orwell Unitary Authority which would be like Greater Ipswich but include Felixstowe. The "East...

  9. Ipswi

    Northern Bypass or Orwell Tunnel?

    by Ipswi in Local PoliticsJun 12, 2017 with 2 replies and 55 views.

    This Northern Bypass or Orwell Tunnel topic is from the one I created originally on Streetlife.Apologies for not a proper import - a lazy copy and paste job I am afraid to say! Needless to state these useful topics are now lost due to the site closing down so I am preserving them in this new format.Northern Bypass or Orwell Tunnel?By Ipswich Ltd in Ipswich Town CentreFirst and foremost, I don't want to distract away from the current...

    Latest reply: Once the NBP discussions get underway I wonder how many people will suggest an Orwell Tunnel instead... or whether people will now focus on why the cancellation of the bridge near the waterfront? Will be fascinating.

  10. Ipswi

    Sandy Martin displaces Ben Gummer

    by Ipswi in Local PoliticsJun 9, 2017 with 1 replies and 60 views.

    Sandy Martin has replaced Ben Gummer as Ipswich MP with an 831 majority. In the last election Ben Gummer had an 3,733 majority over Labour.A poor campaign for the Conservatives, Murdoch didn't influence the result as much as he would have liked and the people of Ipswich had enough of being taken for granted. Time will tell if this will stick. Ben Gummer - who wrote the Tory manifesto - was tipped to be the new Brexit Secretary. He leaves...

    Latest reply: This is the fallout as expressed by various people on the Ipswich Star website. ul { list-style-type: none; } < Saturday, June 10, 2017 > cthulu said:Mr Ipswich does have a certain comedy value though as his articles really are just so...

  11. dan5

    Sandy Martin outlines his vision for Ipswich

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsJun 11, 2017 with 0 replies and 42 views.

    Sandy Martin outlines his initial vision for Ipswich in an Ipswich Star article.Sandy Martin outlines his vision for IpswichNewly-elected Ipswich Labour MP Sandy Martin will bring a very different style to his predecessor as he heads off to his new job in the Palace of Westminster.He has already indicated he does not believe that a new large bridge – promoted by former MP Ben Gummer – linking the west bank of the Orwell and Cliff Quay is...

  12. martinc

    The new Ipswich welcome signs have arrived

    by martinc in Local PoliticsJun 3, 2017 with 4 replies and 54 views.

    well according to the Ips Soc theY have arrived, not actuallY seen one for mYself.Worth waiting for then? 

    Latest reply: Losing the county town part is a disgrace and I would like to see a change in MP, which I hope will end the Ipswich Waterfront obsession.Completely clueless from day one and struggled to obtain easy-wins... the island site isn't developed, Wine...

  13. dan5

    How incompetent can local government really be for Ipswich?

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsMay 30, 2017 with 3 replies and 62 views.

    We know the objective is to "axis switch" and create better linkage between the traditional town centre and Ipswich Waterfront.It has taken what seems like forever to improve the pedestrian and cycling links between the two - road infrastructure for cars and buses isn't an option. As Ben Gummer would say, we have done a lot but there is still much more to do! This is ongoing and far from completion.I am someone who prefers the original...

    Latest reply: Got a FOI request response today, for both the Oldest English Town and Waterfront Town signs (I will upload them in full when I get round to it) the verdict is how I expected... the Department for Transport never saw an application for either....

  14. dan5

    New Ipswich Park and Ride July 2017

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsApr 10, 2017 with 2 replies and 48 views.

    Suffolk Onboard is now teasing people about the new Park and Ride service commencing Monday 3rd July 2017 which will replace the current service as operated by Ipswich Buses with one run by First.https://twitter.com/suffolkonboard/status/849971766772604928Will provide details as and when they become available.

    Latest reply: As expected, a poor livery for an equally as bad logo

  15. dan5

    Ben Gummer campaigning causes town centre traffic chaos

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsMay 26, 2017 with 2 replies and 47 views.

    Shelly Darwin published a tweet showing what has been described as a delivery of leaflets to Ben Gummer's Fore Street office. To the right are queues of vehicles caused by the pallet delivery lorry and to the left are Waspi supporters.https://twitter.com/ShellyDarwin/status/868064391874441216

    Latest reply: I am pleased the waspi women didn't handcuff themselves to that lorry! lolYeah, I am sick of receiving Tory election material. Still not got the latest Ben Bulletin through yet though.I can't help but think they are leaving it up to chance....

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