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  1. dan5

    State Of Suffolk Roads: Ipswich Potholes

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsAug 7, 2017 with 8 replies and 82 views.

    Only last week was I talking to someone about how bad the roads are in Suffolk. From the A14 to Ipswich road network. You cannot really blame it on cold or extreme weather. Suffolk County Council is responsible for Ipswich roads apart from trunk roads around the town (responsibility of Highways England). Today the Ipswich Star is running a story about a Smart councillor who reported cases of potholes in Sprites Ward pun intended - 66 photos...

    Latest reply: so the one the sent me the acknowledgement about has now been repaired! Progress.... Perhaps we need an " I reported this problem and this is what's happened" forum.... !

  2. dan5

    Community Safety Survey

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsSep 27, 2017 with 0 replies and 22 views.

    From Suffolk Constabulary:-People are being encouraged to take part in a Crime and Community Survey to understand perceptions of crime, anti-social behaviour and local policing services in their area.Serving communities is at the heart of policing in Suffolk, so hearing from residents is an important part of how the Constabulary designs its service.Suffolk Constabulary and Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner are committed to...

  3. dan5

    Ipswich Angle September 2017

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsSep 27, 2017 with 1 replies and 48 views.

    Ipswich Borough Council's September 2017 version of its increasingly shrinking "Angle" newspaper is as follows:-622 623 624 625 626 627 628 629

    Latest reply: (Continued....)Ipswich Angle September 2017630 631 632 633 634 635 636 637

  4. dan5

    Orwell Bridge pothole cause tyre blowout

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsSep 26, 2017 with 1 replies and 35 views.

    A road user has complained to Ipswich Borough Council about suffering a tyre blowout on the Orwell Bridge, allegedly due to a pot hole. Tnks 2 a pothole on Orwell Bridge my tyre just completely [email protected] had better sort it out.It could quite easily have killed me.615 Has this been identified in the bridge inspection? Is it a hoax? Anyone noticed any potholes on the bridge? Ipswich Borough Council is the wrong party to...

    Latest reply: Public sector efficiency... IBC have signposted the victim to Suffolk County Council.Sorry to hear about this James. Roads are managed by @suffolkcc, you can find out how to report potholes here: http://bit.ly/1LgsReA SCC then signposted to...

  5. dan5

    Ipswich Purple Flag

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsSep 26, 2017 with 0 replies and 24 views.

    More visitors than Edinburgh isn't enough! Ipswich Borough Council is looking for people to complete a survey with a view of getting purple flag status.#PurpleFlag status can help raise Ipswich's profile and increase visitors. Help us by completing this short survey: Purple Flag 2017 Survey Complete the survey truthfully, there is mention about crime and safety/security on a few questions... tell it how it is. I also noticed they have...

  6. dan5

    Travel Ipswich 2.0

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsSep 8, 2017 with 1 replies and 50 views.

    A further £5 million has been allocated for more road improvements (in addition to the £21m for Travel Ipswich) in what we will dub Travel Ipswich 2.0.If you are thinking of investing in Ipswich, you should wait until plans have been released of what this will entail. To date there are no public plans from this LEP monies, although without a doubt it will be supporting the Upper Orwell Crossings. This is either Star Lane gyratory changes...

    Latest reply: This is sheer pain for East Ipswich. Roundabout removal at Landseer Road/Nacton Road junction. Two further roundabout "upgrades" and two traffic light junction upgrades.

  7. dan5

    700 years of Ipswich Charter Market

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsSep 7, 2017 with 0 replies and 25 views.

    Not a word from Ipswich Borough Council. If you need definite proof that the borough council is looking to kill off Ipswich Charter Market, this surely is it. On the 20th May 1317 Edward II gave Ipswich its second royal charter which allowed a (charter) market to be held. Why would the council not promote this significant anniversary? Markets (of whatever description) have been held from the day Ipswich became an important trading port with...

  8. dan5

    Ipswich Star Front Pages

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsSep 6, 2017 with 3 replies and 41 views.

    These are the Ipswich Star front page headlines for the last quarter of what is available through Twitter.This is to see how the town gets portrayed - "The Champion of Ipswich" - look for balance of positive stories to negative (crime, service cuts, job losses etc.)499 500 501 502 503 504 505 506 507 508

    Latest reply: Continued... (last batch for this quarter)523 524 525 526 527 528 529

  9. dan5

    Why is Ipswich Buses still promoting Park & Ride?

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsSep 4, 2017 with 0 replies and 37 views.

    It is two months in since a new operator First Group took over the Park & Ride service for Ipswich.Ipswich Buses still have the conflicting information available. Park & Ride | Ipswich Buseshttp://www.ipswichbuses.co.uk/assets/park_ride_leaflet.pdfThis is highly unprofessional and does very little for visitors using Google to locate information. They no longer have the Park & Ride link in their navigation and the top image has...

  10. Ipswich

    Ipswich Market: Game Over

    by Ipswich in Local PoliticsAug 30, 2017 with 0 replies and 41 views.

    It is clear since Ipswich Borough Council took over the market, it has deliberately been run into the ground. 2009: DepthThis first streetview snapshot shows the depth of the market had onto the Cornhill.4742009: Old Post OfficeEven in front of the old post office building there were stalls. 475 2009: Big MarketThe market went all the way down the side of the town hall - it isn't just the case of stalls grouped up together! The food...

  11. dan5

    Ipswich Cornhill: Market Or Open Space?

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsAug 22, 2017 with 11 replies and 126 views.

    Going back to an almost 5 year old article by Paul Geater, where the debate was whether Ipswich Market should stay or go, with Ipswich Cornhill Regeneration it appears the conclusion is likely to be neither! 445 Sir Stuart was calling for the market to be relocated, albeit only a short distance, while the market traders insist they will not move from the Cornhill.One of the main concerns about the town centre is the number of empty...

    Latest reply: Martin, this is the intention. They want to pull people south to the waterfront... but a market on Cromwell Square will also encourage that but be a good location for it.I am still waiting for the Star Lane gyratory plans to be made public! Are...

  12. dan5

    Hospital Merger: Free Shuttle Between Ipswich & Colchester

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsAug 25, 2017 with 0 replies and 39 views.

    It has been announced that poor ill people will be offered a free ride to Colchester General Hospital or Ipswich Hospital as part of the cost-cutting austerity plan to merge the hospitals as one. 455 Google suggests this is a 36 minute car journey for just under 20 miles. This opens up a bigger can of worms as this service plus traffic congestion could make you miss an appointment and occur a fine for missed appointment. Those reliant...

  13. dan5

    Ipswich Maritime Festival: What Went Wrong?

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsAug 21, 2017 with 7 replies and 52 views.

    Ipswich Maritime Festival was the largest and most prestigious event in the Ipswich calendar of the hundred or so events within the Ipswich borough... how did it go from well-loved local maritime festival to 'okay' over-commercialised food and drink event? Let's reflect back on past successful maritime events...Ipswich Maritime Festival 2014Does anyone miss the following? A little step back in time with these workshops... 415 416 417...

    Latest reply: Ambition...What i would love to see in Ipswich is a summer time event of the magnitude and popularity of the Bury Christmas Market. Why could we not do that, fill the whole of the town up with stalls, food, activities, entertainments, from...

  14. dan5

    Ipswich Maritime Festival 2017: Autopsy

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsAug 21, 2017 with 0 replies and 37 views.

    If you don't care very much for maritime-related activities and have never been to a previous Ipswich Maritime Festival event (or perhaps any maritime festivals) the chances are you loved it and along with thousands of other people attending you considered it a successful event.Whats not to like?Fireworks finale (good display too)FoodBeerFairground ridesHowever, a significant number of people have started to question it on facebook....

  15. dan5

    Vacant Bhs: Is Mixed-use Really Suitable For Ipswich?

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsAug 19, 2017 with 2 replies and 44 views.

    An application to convert the old BHS store has been made recently to the borough planners.I am pleased BHS is being looked at but I have to admit I was expecting something a bit more significant for the year it has been vacantSo Dave, the way these town centres are going nowadays, retail isn't everyone's cup of tea... to get tenants we should utilise the mixed-use methodology. Leisure? Err... another Gym upstairs... Retail? Err... keep a...

    Latest reply: Facebook on fire!!Julie Stone Anything wud be better than an empty shop!Nicola Sadler Do whatever it takes to fill the unit. No good to anyone emptyLiam Overett Dont put another bloody gym theres enough gyms in ipswich and there struggling as...

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