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    Ipswich Democracy Group

    A democratic group for Ipswich consisting of voters and taxpayers instead of Ipswich Vision Group and Greater Ipswich Partnership.
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    Travel Ipswich

    Travel Ipswich 2.0
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    Cornhill Regeneration

    All about the controversial Ipswich Cornhill Regeneration/Redevelopment Project by Ipswich Borough Council
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    Discussions about Past and Current politicians
    Latest: Paul WestDec 12, 2017,dan5
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    Upper Orwell Crossings

    Discuss the Upper Orwell Crossings
  1. Orwell Unitary Authority

    Discuss a Orwell Unitary Authority/North Haven Unitary Authority/Greater Ipswich Unitary Authority.
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    Ipswich Traffic Gridlock

    Report on Ipswich traffic congestion, problems and incidents.
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  1. Ipswich

    Ipswich Buses subsidy by owner Ipswich Borough Council

    by Ipswich in Local PoliticsJan 17, 2018 at 6:42 PM with 2 replies and 44 views.

    With the major changes at Ipswich Buses the taxpayer is going to subsidise certain bus routes for a certain period of time. This topic specifies what these are and the cost. OD-17-57 Bus Service Changes by Ipswich Buses LtdIpswich Buses Ltd have recently informed the Council of a number of changes to their commercially operated bus services, which will take effect from 18th February 2018. This includes the withdrawal of:* Service 14,...

    Latest reply: Does a commercial operator really need £90k over 54 months?13 Subsidy £4,041 4.5 years £18,185 9 Subsidy £4,118 4.5 years £18,531 8 Subsidy £4,118 4.5 years £18,5315E Subsidy £4,118 4.5 years £18,531A...

  2. dan5

    The Hold Project Update

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsDec 12, 2017 with 2 replies and 46 views.

    PlanningThe planning application for The Hold was submitted at the end of September and was well publicised, (this included pre-app displays at Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Stowmarket and Lowestoft as well as Ipswich). Suffolk County Council (SCC) are the determining authority. A neighbour engagement evening was held on 16 October which provided an opportunity for adjacent residents and businesses to engage with the architect and project team,...

    Latest reply: This is their planning application objection... Nature of Submission: Inform the Authority that you object to the Planning Application The Ipswich Society wholeheartedly support the concept of a new Records Office and Learning centre in...

  3. dan5

    DM20: Doesn't Matter (space)

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsJan 11, 2018 with 0 replies and 24 views.

    Ipswich Borough Council has ignored their own planning policy DM20 and allowed Pret A Manger to setup a restaurant on Ipswich Cornhill. This was even though a year earlier they declined an A3 restaurant for DM20 violations.

  4. Ipswich

    Pret Purge

    by Ipswich in Local PoliticsJan 8, 2018 with 2 replies and 94 views.

    On Wednesday 10th January 2018, councillors will decide whether to activate a Pret Purge of Ipswich's independent coffee shops, tea rooms, cafes and sandwich shops, if they accept the recommended approval suggestion to overlook the DM20 planning policy to allow a Pret A Manger restaurant of 145 covers to open in the heart of Ipswich town centre.On realising Ipswich Ltd's absent planning application representation we wrote to the Planning &...

    Latest reply: Pret Purge, coming soon... Ipswich Star - Unanimous backing for new Pret A Manger store for Ipswich town centre

  5. dan5

    Suffolk Labour 2, Suffolk Conservatives 2000

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsJan 9, 2018 with 0 replies and 31 views.

    David Ellesmere of Ipswich Borough Council is doing well bashing those Suffolk Tories! In a politically motivated spending spree, in the Suffolk Conservative safe seat of almost 35 years South Suffolk (held by Tim Yeo until deselected in 2015, and since by James Cartlidge) they acquired the former sugar beet factory site in Babergh District, and somewhat more significantly acquired the Anglia Retail Park in the Suffolk Conservative Central...

  6. dan5

    Ipswich Borough Council acquires Anglia Retail Park

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsJan 8, 2018 with 0 replies and 95 views.

    Local rag suggests Ipswich Borough Council has acquired Anglia Retail Park. You couldn't make it up. Final nail in the coffin of Ipswich Town Centre? No? Cornhill Redevelopment and relocation of Ipswich Market anyone? Probably...It appears someone is keen to kill the traditional town centre to keep the Ipswich Waterfront as the main destination.

  7. dan5

    Sick Joke: Central Suffolk MP Dr Dan Poulter off ill

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsNov 30, 2017 with 4 replies and 188 views.

    Central Suffolk & North Ipswich MP Dr Dan Poulter has been reportedly off ill since allegations came to light regarding his conduct towards female MPs. He also deleted his twitter account. No details released what this illness is, Dr Dan is still being paid handsomely by the taxpayer... his constituents are hoping he isn't on holiday!A Conservative MP has been absent from parliamentary votes since he was referred to an internal inquiry...

    Latest reply: Dr Dan Poulter is due to return back to parliament next week.His investigation is still pending and the Women’s Equality Party has demanded such investigation to be published publicly.

  8. wrightie

    Ipswich - The collapse of over £400 million of development

    by wrightie in Local PoliticsJan 2, 2018 with 5 replies and 112 views.

    Finally completed it. 14 minutes, over 20 large scale developments that collapsed in central Ipswich since 2004.-jpU3hSfy20There is typo on the Link development it says 2007 rather than 2011, but I cant change it now. This took far too long to make.All these proposals were worth around £475 million. If not more, some a have little info.

    Latest reply: Well that is capitalism 101. Whether we are talking a house, piece of land or a large development... you want the most money you can get for it and if you have the planning permission and designs etc. all ready to go (or a completed development)...

  9. wrightie

    The Ipswich Proposal

    by wrightie in Local PoliticsJun 29, 2017 with 15 replies and 219 views.

    I have linked to to this site a few times but I am now going to create a new post every 2 days on the site. Its only a .wordpress blog, styled like a database/wiki site where posts can be found using categories. I aim to document every large proposal for Ipswich, including the ones that didnt get built, were downsized as well as new proposals.So far I have documented a few proposals but I aim to document every 'large' proposal in Ipswich...

    Latest reply: Thanks for the kind words. Big plans for IPSWI3. Going to get rid of cloudflare which causes quite a number of problems (sometimes outweighs the benefits). Allow third-party authentication (twitter,facebook,google etc) to login. Better UX and UI....

  10. dan5

    Central Suffolk MP Dr Dan Poulter sticks hands up female MP skirts

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsNov 5, 2017 with 4 replies and 210 views.

    It wouldn't be surprising for MPs to have bad conduct being in such a position they think they can get away with anything. Outside Westminster we have laws and the police, inside Westminster they have codes of conduct ("rules") and own committees. However, Dan Poulter, the Central Suffolk & North Ipswich MP, is a doctor, a highly responsible role with strict code on conduct. Allegations, have been made which relate to sexual harassment and...

    Latest reply: He is widely believed to be a GP but further information on his specialities is as follows:-Poulter displays no obvious feelings of deja vu; his easy rapport with every patient and interest in their views are evident. But then the health...

  11. dan5

    Ipswich Buses refuse to serve Ransomes Europark

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsDec 1, 2017 with 3 replies and 160 views.

    Ipswich Borough Council owned bus company Ipswich Buses is refusing to run evening services to Ipswich's prime industrial estate Ransomes Europark that it is legally required to run. We couldn't find any information suggesting Ipswich Buses has changed the timetable, therefore it cannot downright refuse to run the routes as it is currently doing so. 885 Here is the declaration...936225689312858112Why the assumption that their customers...

    Latest reply: Apparently, they have decided to serve Ransomes Europark again...942729911776825345

  12. dan5

    Why are new businesses so unenthusiastic about Ipswich?

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsDec 16, 2017 with 1 replies and 68 views.

    A serious question, and by no means intended to discourage brands and businesses wanting to choose Ipswich, however, a common trend is businesses appearing to run out of steam and enthusiasm about launching in Ipswich compared to elsewhere, and in some cases even scaling down or aborting their venture.Instantly, we will discard large projects such as those well documented by The Ipswich Proposal. We have Next who left the town centre but...

    Latest reply: still waiting for Adnams shop, they have claimed to be looking.

  13. dan5

    Ipswich Homelessness and Rough Sleeping out of control

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsDec 14, 2017 with 0 replies and 171 views.

    A lot of talk locally about Social Mobility and Council Homes, yet homelessness has risen 28% from the previous quarter in Ipswich and rough sleeping has almost quadrupled in 4 years!Ipswich has gone from 13 known rough sleepers in 2010 following the recession and start of austerity, a few years in decline, up to 16 known rough sleepers in 2015 (I assume its council budget cut backs resulting in homeless people not having accommodation) up...

  14. dan5

    Ipswich Vision Update: ABP joins the party

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsDec 12, 2017 with 0 replies and 54 views.

    Ipswich Vision UpdateThe Ipswich Vision membership has been updated. A member of We Are Ipswichand ABP have been invited to join the board.There is currently a review of the Vision's priorities and at its meeting on 05 January2018 the new set of priorities and projects will be agreed. The review is currentlylooking at five main themes - Regeneration, Inward Investment, Visitor Economy,Social Mobility and marketing of the Vision.The...

  15. dan5

    Suffolk Highways: 1 in 10 posts vacant

    by dan5 in Local PoliticsDec 12, 2017 with 2 replies and 34 views.

    Councillor Peter Gardiner has alleged Suffolk Highways has close to 10% of posts vacant - is this why their roadwork projects frequently overrun? Question 6 to Councillor Jane Storey from Councillor Peter Gardiner“Suffolk Highways has been in place since the beginning of September, responsetimes continue to be slow, and there remains close to 10% of the posts vacant inthe new teams. Can the Cabinet Member tell us when these posts will...

    Latest reply: I guess it happens, people leave or get killed... but how do you maintain a contract without the staff? They must love when someone leaves the workforce as they can choose not to employ someone to make cost savings... and pick up a time bonus!

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