Ipswich Traffic Gridlock

Report on Ipswich traffic congestion, problems and incidents.

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  1. dan5

    Majors Corner traffic light failure

    by dan5 in Ipswich Traffic GridlockOct 10, 2017 with 6 replies and 66 views.

    Many reports of a problem with traffic lights for the last two days around Majors Corner. 683 (Times are wrong as not logged in it assumes an incorrect timezone)684 Apparently an "technical issue"... says Georgie of Suffolk Highways.

    Latest reply: Well, part of it is Ipswich Buses and First Eastern Counties having a non-compete agreement (which is illegal). When an operator violates this agreement (I believe it is verbal rather than written) it becomes known as "bus wars". This is when...

  2. dan5

    DOUBLE rush hour delays after crash and broken down lorry on Orwell Bridge

    by dan5 in Ipswich Traffic GridlockOct 13, 2017 with 0 replies and 22 views.

    Local paper reporting one Road Traffic Collision incident on the Orwell Bridge today and one broken down lorry, one for each period of rush hour. This isn't a record, it isn't unknown for more than two incidents in one rush hour period, for example. However, it shows how unreliable the Orwell Bridge is. I know I am saying nothing commuters using the bridge doesn't already know!Morning rush hour delays after crash involving lorry and car and...

  3. dan5

    A14 Orwell Bridge closed (temporarily) 20-02-2017

    by dan5 in Ipswich Traffic GridlockFeb 20, 2017 with 2 replies and 52 views.

    It seems an incident on the bridge has temporarily closed the Orwell Bridge westbound carriageway. This might not be classified as a "closure" but no traffic was getting through. Waze, Google Maps and Traffic England (Highways Agency) has reported either "slow" moving traffic or non-moving traffic.Traffic England (Highways Agency)  Black means traffic not moving, red slowly moving, yellow slower than expected, green is goodWaze...

    Latest reply: Police were called to the scene, close to the Shell garage, at around 4.15pm and are now in the process of moving it onto the hard shoulder.Drivers are being warned they could face delays of up to seven minutes while recovery of the vehicle,...

  4. Ipswi

    Please Photo or take Video of traffic chaos

    by Ipswi in Ipswich Traffic GridlockFeb 17, 2017 with 0 replies and 35 views.

    Call to Action! Please don't just witness how bad the traffic chaos starting next week (Monday February 20th) is but document it with evidence of photos and video clips!I will try to do the same. I might take my camera for the next month or so.If you have a photo please upload it as a reply to this message. If you have a video, please upload to YouTube (or message me) and paste a link to it as a reply below.

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