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  1. Alexandra Park

    Alexandra Park (near Suffolk New College)
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  2. Belstead Brook Park

    Belstead Brook Park is an informal country park of approx 250 acres.
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  3. Bourne Park

    Bourne Park in South West Ipswich
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  4. Chantry Park

    Chantry Park is the largest park in Ipswich (only country parks are larger)
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    Christchurch Park

    Christchurch Park is the central park of Ipswich and includes Christchurch Mansion
  5. Gippeswyk Park

    Gippeswyk Park is located near Ipswich Train Station
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    Holywells Park

    Holywells Park is the premier park for East Ipswich.
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  6. Landseer Park

    Landseer Park is a park in South East Ipswich
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    Orwell Country Park

    Orwell Country Park is a country park beside the River Orwell
    Latest: Orwell Country ParkNov 25, 2017,Ipswich
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  1. dan5

    Jubilee Park

    by dan5 in Ipswich ParksSep 13, 2017 with 0 replies and 218 views.

    There is no official park in Ipswich called Jubilee Park, however, a small playing field and play area in Victoria Street (IP1 2JX) near Westgate Ward Social Club in Westgate Ward is sometimes referred to as "Jubilee Park". There is no public park in the entire Westgate Ward. This terminology is even used by the council and police. Most references to "Jubilee Park" in council committee meeting minutes and through Google reveals it to be a...

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