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  1. newsbot

    £5 million improvements for five of Ipswich’s busiest road junctions

    by newsbot in Ipswich NewsSep 18, 2017 with 9 replies and 168 views.

    A £5million package of improvements has been put forward for five of Ipswich’s most congested junctions.Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: I wonder if the (relatively minor) Clapgate Lane junction road works will increase the chances of a RTC on the bridge or other part of the road network (A1189/A1214 etc)I know when they start with the Nacton Road/Landseer Road, Foxhall Road...

  2. newsbot

    Poundland Fashion Sailmakers Shopping Centre Ipswich

    by newsbot in Ipswich NewsMar 22, 2017 with 8 replies and 52 views.

    New fashion store - within Poundland - in IpswichPEP&CO - Britain’s fast-growing fashion brand, has confirmed it will open its 87th store as a ‘shop-in-shop’, in Ipswich on Friday March 31.Feel free to comment on IPSWI.

    Latest reply: I haven't been in Poundland for a while - I only go there from time to time usually for some cheap batteries - so I don't know how popular the Pep&Co is... it will probably be really popular. Primark has grown in popularity and have assigned...

  3. newsbot

    Middy prepares the way for its expansion from Brockford to Aspall Halt

    by newsbot in Ipswich NewsAug 29, 2017 with 7 replies and 46 views.

    Suffolk’s only standard gauge preserved railway is preparing for its extension that will double its length and turn it into a line “that goes from somewhere to somewhere.”Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: there you go, hadnt seen that link before... who's going to be the one to upload to the Star comments then, it will take images... ;)

  4. newsbot

    Ipswich Station Up For National Award After A Transformational Year

    by newsbot in Ipswich NewsAug 16, 2017 with 7 replies and 76 views.

    Ipswich railway station has been nominated for a prestigious award as we near the end of a year when it has been transformed by a £2m facelift.Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: we need a proper plan of the works, did you ever find one other than that useless image they put out? On the right of the station all you can see is a kerb line with double yellow lines, what's that? And the 20 minute drop off area in front of...

  5. newsbot

    Another £5m to be spent on town roadworks in wake of Travel Ipswich

    by newsbot in Ipswich NewsSep 8, 2017 with 6 replies and 67 views.

    Just months after the last section of Travel Ipswich was completed, Suffolk County Council has been given a £5m war chest to carry out more improvements around the town.Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: The weeds is a perfectly valid complaint - it isn't advanced upkeep that will be really expensive... it is basic maintenance but neither council cares about it. Until we have a Unitary Authority both councils hold the responsibility for Ipswich...

  6. newsbot

    Butley Oyster Inn launches ‘Suffolk’s smallest cinema’ in converted barn

    by newsbot in Ipswich NewsSep 1, 2017 with 6 replies and 67 views.

    It is unlikely to host many glitzy film premieres – but Suffolk’s newest cinema has another claim to fame.Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: They seem to have taken some short cuts. Those cables could have been well hidden or trunking used.The free standing fire extinguishers wouldn't be compliant. You might have to have the emergency light as maintained (always on) which will be...

  7. newsbot

    Sink Your Teeth Into 15 Of Ipswich’s New Restaurants

    by newsbot in Ipswich NewsAug 21, 2017 with 6 replies and 56 views.

    If you live in Ipswich then you have probably noticed the growth in restaurants and eateries in the past two years. We have compiled a list of them for you to try.Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: Yes, if you go on the main site the URL will still be the same ("sink-your-teeth-into-15-of-ipswich-s-new-restaurants-1-5156700")... I did read on a review somewhere that a member of staff needed paying. He wasn't too happy about it, as you could...

  8. There will be something for everyone to enjoy in Ipswich this weekend, with an extraordinary line-up of beer, boats, fireworks, fairground rides and football.Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: No idea, they hinted at this market (which is apparently already operational on the Friday yet not being advertised until the Saturday) without even naming it or giving details... Ipswich Market has suffered. They couldn't get the stalls for St...

  9. newsbot

    Sprinklers To Be Fitted To Cumberland Towers After Grenfell Disaster

    by newsbot in Ipswich NewsAug 1, 2017 with 6 replies and 82 views.

    Nearly £184,000 is set to be spent installing a sprinkler system in Ipswich’s only tower block in the wake of June’s Grenfell Tower tragedy.Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: you posted the clip above, cladding, yes..This spring sees the start of the second phase of the refurbishment - energy efficient windows and balcony screens are being installed and open balconies are being enclosed. In addition, the Council is...

  10. newsbot

    Our Rich Past ... 10 Heritage Attractions To Visit In Suffolk And Essex This Summer

    by newsbot in Ipswich NewsJul 31, 2017 with 6 replies and 71 views.

    Families with a love of history have ample opportunity to delve into the past and explore the two counties’ heritage during the long school summer holidays. Here are 10 of the best attractions.Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: Sutton Hoo is a money-spinner. Much of the experience is a picnic and walk... you can do that loads of places and for free. It is only right that it is being maintained. I think it should be free to visit. The upkeep cannot be too much - it could...

  11. newsbot

    Ipswich Buttermarket Centre sold for nearly £55m – giving developers £20m profit

    by newsbot in Ipswich NewsFeb 20, 2017 with 6 replies and 34 views.

    Ipswich Buttermarket Centre sold for nearly £55m – giving developers £20m profitThe Buttermarket Centre in the heart of Ipswich is being sold by its owners after a major redevelopment to create a leisure-based site in the heart of the town.Capital & Regional along with its partner the Drum Property Group bought the centre for just over £9m two years ago and spent £25m on its upgrade.The companies are now selling the centre to the...

    Latest reply: Never been to Arras but have seen streetview and images. Looks very nice. If I remember correctly (I should have checked perhaps) outside the railway station (not as good as ours) you have a large square with a war memorial in the middle and a...

  12. newsbot

    Testing work starts on site of Ipswich northern fringe development

    by newsbot in Ipswich NewsSep 4, 2017 with 5 replies and 57 views.

    Excavation work has started on the site of the first phase of the Ipswich Garden Suburb – or northern fringe – development.Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: well, whatever it was it seems to be back now..

  13. newsbot

    Kettles beware - Ipswich has the UK’s hardest water

    by newsbot in Ipswich NewsAug 29, 2017 with 5 replies and 53 views.

    Ipswich has the hardest water in the country according to a new study - leading to higher costs repairing and replacing kitchen appliances.Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: Consuming hard water over considerable lengths of time cannot be that good for you whatever the condition is. We should be more concerned over waste-to-energy incinerators... one in Great Blakenham and there are plans for one near Waitrose/John...

  14. newsbot

    Ipswich charity FIND makes urgent plea for food donations as demand reaches record high

    by newsbot in Ipswich NewsAug 29, 2017 with 5 replies and 43 views.

    An Ipswich foodbank is making a desperate appeal for donations as unprecedented demand from people struggling to make ends meet has left its shelves bare.Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: A lot of them housing association places are basically open prisons. Also, much of these people are extremely stupid. Much of the stuff they get is from Brighthouse (or similar, Hughes etc.) so.. "Wow! Only £14?!!" That is £14 per week, every...

  15. newsbot

    Fancy a coffee? Why not try one of the 10 independent Ipswich coffee shops in our list

    by newsbot in Ipswich NewsAug 26, 2017 with 5 replies and 62 views.

    It is never a bad idea to meet up with friends or family for cup of coffee and a slice of cake, but where should you go? Ipswich has a fantastic range of independent coffee shops for you to choose from, so take a look and support our local businesses.Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: Yes, I forgot about that one until the last moment. Tacket Street is a bit far out of town :D Side street. Only a few minute walk though.

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