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  1. dan5

    Ipswich Borough Council never wanted the Ipswich Market on Cornhill

    by dan5 in Ipswich MarketOct 22, 2017 with 0 replies and 19 views.

    728 The above snippet from Ipswich Local Plan 1997 signifies Ipswich Borough Council were to designate the Ipswich Charter Market off Tacket Street. This is pretty well known amongst locals. Evening Star ran a campaign to get the market on the Cornhill. The Ipswich Market Act 2004 made the Cornhill move possible but also allowed its relocation to Queen Street possible. The Ipswich Market on Cornhill was only ever considered a temporary...

  2. dan5

    Mark Murphy anticipates permanent Ipswich Market move from Cornhill

    by dan5 in Ipswich MarketOct 16, 2017 with 0 replies and 43 views.

    BBC Suffolk's Mark Murphy anticipates Ipswich town's market will move from the Cornhill.Will you still use Ipswich market if it moves?It's looking increasingly likely that the town's market will move from the Cornhill.It is known the Ipswich charter market will temporary need to move to Queen Street while the Cornhill is being destroyed, so for him to suggest it is to move from the Cornhill only confirms what we have been saying on IPSWI...

  3. dan5

    Ipswich Star campaign to move Ipswich Market

    by dan5 in Ipswich MarketSep 6, 2017 with 0 replies and 33 views.

    Ipswich Star has launched a campaign to relocate the Ipswich Market...530 Calls grow for market to relocate to Queen StreetInfluential town centre organisation backs public poll on its futureSupport is mounting for Ipswich market to move to the Queen Street/Princes Street area when the Cornhill is rebuilt next year.No mention of temporary... Ipswich Central appears to back it. Will the Ipswich Charter Market permanently relocate to...

  4. dan5

    Where will the market move to?

    by dan5 in Ipswich MarketSep 5, 2017 with 0 replies and 40 views.

    Where will the market move to?With work set to begin on the Cornhill early next year, a home for the market is needs to be found, with talk of the location being Queen Street/Princes Street, Tacket Street or Cromwell Square. The council are currently backing Queen Street and/or Princes Street and from their perspective you can see why. The other two locations are car-parks – easy money and something the council does not want to compromise....

  5. dan5

    Welcome to the new relocated Ipswich Market!

    by dan5 in Ipswich MarketSep 1, 2017 with 2 replies and 51 views.

    Here are the plans for the "expanded" Ipswich Market in Queen Street where the Cornhill based Ipswich Charter Market will relocate to while the town square is vandalised.486People around but zero interest in the market by the looks of things. Notice the To Let sign and the blockage to shop fascias by having the market there. Totally unacceptable.487Suffolk County Council has put a lot of effort into this (as has Ipswich Borough Council)...

    Latest reply: I would guess they didn't want the services being on the road itself - the risks would be the road out of action for 2-3 months while they sorted it. I doubt anyone thought about it too much... they just want the market gone from the Cornhill....

  6. dan5

    Ipswich Market: Borough to reduce size to a quarter

    by dan5 in Ipswich MarketSep 1, 2017 with 0 replies and 49 views.

    Ipswich Charter Market will go from 459 sqm consisting of 40 pitches of 51 3m x 3m stalls to 15 stalls of a combined 110 sq m on Queen Street. Market provision on Princes Street and Queen Street should be more permanent The Council sees the market highway designation of Queen Street as a permanent extension to the market; however it should be noted that emergency vehicle access limits the number and size of stalls that can be accommodated...

  7. dan5

    Ipswich Market Queen Street Consultation 2015

    by dan5 in Ipswich MarketAug 31, 2017 with 0 replies and 35 views.

    In January 2016, Ipswich Borough Council held a Council meeting to review and approve of plans to relocate the Ipswich Market to Queen Street. The market currently trades on the Cornhill and the Council wishes to increase the area it can trade over to allow the market to expand. The Council believes that Queen Street is the most appropriate location for this expansion. This view has been reached following the experience of recent occasional...

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