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  1. dan5

    Ipswich Local Plan Questions

    by dan5 in Ipswich Local PlanOct 3, 2017 with 11 replies and 111 views.

    106 questions being asked for the Ipswich Local Plan...656 657 658 659 You cannot copy and paste from the PDF, so they are in the above image....

    Latest reply: Our Ipswich Local Plan consultation submission is now available on IPSWI! Didn't answer many questions but got our points across and opinion well heard.

  2. dan5

    Ipswich Local Plan Documents

    by dan5 in Ipswich Local PlanOct 3, 2017 with 11 replies and 95 views.

    Ipswich Local Plan Documents445 documents of the Local Plan!2017_amr_final.pdf, AA_addendum_May_2011_final_v2.pdf, AA_update_letter_100811.pdf, AA_Update_letter_200711.pdf, Adopted_Core_Strategy_Proposals_Map_2011.pdf, Air_Quality_Action_Plan_1_.pdf, Allotment Strategy 2014-2020.pdf, AnnualMonitoringReport20042005_1_.pdf, AnnualMonitoringReport20052006revised_1_.pdf, AnnualMonitoringReport20062007final_1_.pdf,...

    Latest reply: Our Local Plan consultation submission is now available on IPSWI.

  3. Ipswich

    Ipswich Local Plan

    by Ipswich in Ipswich Local PlanNov 7, 2017 with 34 replies and 76 views.

    Ipswich Ltd responded to the consultation for the Ipswich Local Plan.Due to time constraints we only managed to answer selected questions. Each question will have its own post as a reply to this thread. Hopefully none of this was too controversial and managed to highlight significant priorities. I wonder if Ipswich Borough Council will respond to it.There is little benefit of talking with forked tongues, this is largely from the heart.

    Latest reply: Parts 1 and 2 of this consultation paper have considered many different issues affecting Ipswich.Are there any other issues not mentioned here, which relate to land use in Ipswich, about whichyou would like to comment? (Continued...)Ipswich...

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