Ipswich Democracy Group

A democratic group for Ipswich consisting of voters and taxpayers instead of Ipswich Vision Group and Greater Ipswich Partnership.

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    Ipswich Vision: In A Nutshell

    by Ipswich in Ipswich Democracy GroupJul 12, 2017 with 2 replies and 96 views.

    The Undemocratic Ipswich Vision group has been in the press as what seems like forever and a day. What is it? Ipswich Vision is an informal group - primarily a brand - where all partners discuss the future of Ipswich. Partners include pillars of authority, the university and business groups.When did Ipswich residents vote it in?There was no referendum, public consultation, or informal poll or discussion. It just happened. Is it...

    Latest reply: Ipswich Vision Regroups And Plans Significant New Website For This AutumnIpswich Vision Update There is currently a review of the Vision's priorities and at its meeting on 05 January2018 the new set of priorities and projects will be agreed....

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