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    Ipswich Central backs moving market to Queen St while Cornhill rebuilt

    by newsbot in Ipswich CentralAug 31, 2017 with 1 replies and 47 views.

    The organisation representing businesses in Ipswich town centre is backing proposals to move the market to the Princes Street/Queen Street area while the Cornhill is being rebuilt next year.Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: The market has to move to allow the work to take place – and services have been installed in Queen Street to allow stalls to get access to power.However the borough council, which manages the market, is about to consult with traders – and has...

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    Can Ipswich Town Centre Thrive Despite The Boom In Out Of Town Retailing?

    by newsbot in Ipswich CentralAug 9, 2017 with 3 replies and 65 views.

    The effect that edge-of-town shopping centres have had on Ipswich town centre has been debated for decades – but has been given fresh focus with a new expansion on both sides of the town.Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: More facebook.... Frank god there are outside town as driving in Ipswich is not good ? Is the new traffic light system working yet as last night was gridlocked thank God I don't have to face that every night and God help when evening football...

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    New Ipswich Town Guide Aims To Put Town Centre On The Map For Visitors

    by newsbot in Ipswich CentralAug 3, 2017 with 8 replies and 88 views.

    A new guide to make it easier for visitors to find their way around the heart of Ipswich has been published – and gone on offer at Tourist Information Centres and railway stations across the region.Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: Explore Ipswich Visitor Guide.After an very interesting visit to the Tourist Information Centre in Ipswich Town Centre... I finally managed to get my hands on the visitor guide... (I am not going to scan in every page - images are larger than...

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    Over 130 People Lose Their Jobs As Call Connection In Ipswich Town Centre Goes Into...

    by newsbot in Ipswich CentralJul 14, 2017 with 5 replies and 88 views.

    Over 130 people working in Ipswich town centre were today told they would be losing their jobs.Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: From University of Suffolk.... Paul ClementHe was also one of the founding Directors of Call Connection Ltd which has enjoyed rapid expansion through insurance lead generation and now employs hundreds of staff in Ipswich. It has been recognised...

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    When will roadworks in central Ipswich finally be totally completed?

    by newsbot in Ipswich CentralMay 8, 2017 with 4 replies and 33 views.

    When will roadworks in central Ipswich finally be totally completed?Is it the end of the Queen Street roadworks – or is this the latest art installation to arrive on the streets of Ipswich?The long drawn-out roadworks that may – or may not – be the final part of the Travel Ipswich project (depending on which council official you speak to) seems to be nearing its conclusion at the junction of Falcon Street and St Nicholas Street.But a...

    Latest reply: This will never change, Noble is back in at Suffolk County Council as leader with Jane Storey as deputy.

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    Ipswich Town Centre car park charges to rise despite Ipswich Central warning

    by newsbot in Ipswich CentralMar 6, 2017 with 1 replies and 29 views.

    Ipswich town centre car park charges to rise despite warning from business groupThe organisation representing businesses in the town centre has warned the borough not to increase the charges too steeply ahead of tomorrow’s executive meeting.The rises are the first in five years and will put the price of using the town centre car parks up from £1 to £1.20 an hour. The “Quids In” deal that offered unlimited parking for £1 after 3pm is being...

    Latest reply: This is unprecedented. I am not aware of Ipswich Central being vocally against any of the tragic decisions undertaken by any council in the past.This is an organisation that only has worked on promoting the Ipswich Waterfront despite the bast...

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