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  1. Ipswi

    Ipswich Professional Drivers

    by Ipswi in Crime & SafetyMar 19, 2017 with 0 replies and 49 views.

    One of my growing pet hates bugbears in recent times is poor standards of driving. Primarily as witnessed by professional drivers.Lorries overtaking on the A14 can be annoying but this topic is to focus on taxi drivers and bus drivers (from my perspectives anyhow).Professional DriversThe below is my experiences to share but feel free to add any incidents of poor standards by taxi drivers, bus drivers, driving instructors and lorry...

  2. dan5

    Ipswich Crimewave Continues As Cardinal Park Cordoned Off Following Gang Gun Fight

    by dan5 in Crime & SafetyJul 14, 2017 with 2 replies and 47 views.

    The Ipswich Crime epidemic continues. Cardinal Park has been partly shut off following a potential gang incident involving firearms. Reportedly, shell cases discovered and smashed car safety glass. This is outside harvester restaurant and Flux "freestyle jumping" trampoline centre. Police are downplaying this latest incidents as the firing of blanks at this stage. Images copyright Jason Noble. 61 62 Police were called at 3am to the...

    Latest reply: Nearly 140 Knife Crimes Reported In Just Two Months As Suffolk Police Prepare For Crackdown

  3. Ipswi

    Ipswich the countrys most violent town?

    by Ipswi in Crime & SafetyFeb 21, 2017 with 2 replies and 38 views.

    Almost 4 years since councillor David Ellesmere and Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore tried to defend Ipswich's poor violent crime record being highlighted in the UK Peace Index, a study by the Institute for Economics and Peace. Ipswich made it to number 23 on the list. Excluding cities (including London boroughs treated individually) it is the most violent town. No other towns beat Ipswich in respect to violent crime. Ipswich ranked...

    Latest reply: The plot thickens? Police have released CCTV images of two rape suspects they want to speak to after a woman was raped near Suffolk New College. Hopefully they will be caught and prosecuted. (Nothing to say these two people being seen on CCTV...

  4. dan5

    1244 serious Sexual Offences in Suffolk

    by dan5 in Crime & SafetyApr 27, 2017 with 1 replies and 38 views.

    A 40% rise in reported serious sexual offences to Suffolk Constabulary since the previous year. Last month in March 2017, 163 sexual offences were reported in the county. Absolutely shocking. Without a doubt Ipswich makes up a big chunk of such figures but specifics haven't been released upon area.Sexual offences and domestic abuse crimes in Suffolk rise by up to 40% in a yearTim Passmore, Suffolk’s police and crime commissioner, said more...

    Latest reply: Suffolk Child Sexual Abuse reports increases by 44%, Domestic Abuse rose by 28% to 4796.child sexual abuse reports rose from 559 to 804 – a 44% increase.Domestic abuse incidents rose by 28%, from 3,734 in the last three years on average to...

  5. Ipswi

    Ipswich Crime: Another stabbing! Ipswich Waterfront area

    by Ipswi in Crime & SafetyFeb 21, 2017 with 2 replies and 37 views.

    Another stabbing just days after the fatal stabbing in Ancaster Road. This time in the Ipswich Waterfront area, on Riverside Industrial Park not far from Wherstead Road. A man in his 40s is reportedly to be at Ipswich Hospital - not life threatening injuries - 2 people have been arrested.What is Ipswich coming to? Just weeks from other incidents of violent stabbings all across Ipswich. This is something we should be very concerned about....

    Latest reply: BBC for you. On a normal day it has to be a murder, rape or arson... on a slow news day, anything lefty with activists. A cat having its ears cut off is extremely cruel and wrong but it just goes to show what the country is turning in to... okay...

  6. martinc

    Poor Driving Standards by Police in Ipswich

    by martinc in Crime & SafetyMay 10, 2017 with 1 replies and 37 views.

    Is it any wonder driving standards in the UK are so bad, and I believe around these parts they are particularly bad.So last night, early eve, still daylight, I pulled up behind a police car at a set of traffic lights. This set of lights has a stop line set well back, and a cycle reserve area in front of that. The police car had stopped right across the cycle area and I think was then slightly in advance of the cycle stop line. Clearly not...

    Latest reply: It is a general observation I see... Many aren't aware that with the ASL boxes it is the closest line to you and not the line closest to the traffic light, so I generally see people jump red lights thinking as they aren't before the ASL box, that...

  7. dan5

    New town centre scammers?

    by dan5 in Crime & SafetyMar 17, 2017 with 0 replies and 36 views.

    I witnessed a group of people on the corner of Westgate Street outside what was Sportizus opposite Ann Summers. A woman (the ring-leader) with a white cap on with some small flags across the middle. They had bundles of "leaflets"... some were copied £20 notes (not a poor quality photocopy), she also had other leaflets which looked like a small booklet - the kind you would have from a building society or credit union. Not a passbook which is...

  8. norfolksuffolk

    Norfolk Police

    by norfolksuffolk in Crime & SafetyFeb 27, 2017 with 0 replies and 34 views.

    Has anyone viewed the YouTube videos demonstrating the poor style of policing from Norfolk?I have sadly observed many instances of police abuse of power. The Norfolk & Suffolk Police merger is bad for Suffolk. filming out and about with his kid near a police station. An officer (inspector?), clearly not a constable, pounces on him. He wouldn't confirm if the man was committing a...

  9. Ipswi

    Important: Readme (Crime & Safety)

    by Ipswi in Crime & SafetyFeb 8, 2017 with 0 replies and 33 views.

    Welcome to the Crime & Safety forum of ipswi.comipswi is the Greater Ipswich alternative for Streetlife which will be no more.ipswi is run by local company Ipswich Ltd.ipswi is suitable for those living in Suffolk with a focus on Greater Ipswich (Ipswich, Stowmarket, Kesgrave, Martlesham, Felixstowe). The site allows general discussion on topics, more localised areas and showcase area where you can promote your talents. As a...

  10. dan5

    Suffolk Judge highlights concerns in justice system motoring offences

    by dan5 in Crime & SafetyFeb 22, 2017 with 0 replies and 32 views.

    Does anyone fear the law anymore? Is this why there is so much crime about these days?The custodial sentence was essentially bypassed by the judge becoming "impressed" by the defendants CV. It appears the criminal wasn't a millionaire or politician. Now, cannot criticise the judge too much but how are judges able to be so flexible in sentencing... The judge clearly felt one last chance was needed to give the drug taker an opportunity to...

  11. dan5

    State Of Suffolk Roads: Ipswich Potholes

    by dan5 in Crime & SafetyAug 7, 2017 with 0 replies and 31 views.

    Only last week was I talking to someone about how bad the roads are in Suffolk. From the A14 to Ipswich road network. You cannot really blame it on cold or extreme weather. Suffolk County Council is responsible for Ipswich roads apart from trunk roads around the town (responsibility of Highways England). Today the Ipswich Star is running a story about a Smart councillor who reported cases of potholes in Sprites Ward pun intended - 66 photos...

  12. Ipswi

    Ipswich Council Tax refund scam

    by Ipswi in Crime & SafetyMar 6, 2017 with 0 replies and 31 views.

    Council Tax scamResidents are advised to be on their guard after a number of reports of fraudsters contacting Suffolk residents by phone, text or email about their council tax.One Ipswich resident has reported receiving an email from ‘Online Council TAX UK’ which claimed they were owed a refund, and requesting they provide their bank details via an online form.The email quotes a ‘’ email address. This is not a...

  13. dan5

    Residents gassed by deadly Nitrogen Dioxide fumes

    by dan5 in Crime & SafetyAug 31, 2017 with 0 replies and 25 views.

    Ipswich residents (and visitors/tourists are no different) are being subjected to unnecessary levels of particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide by poor local authority policy and traffic planning. I am quite in favour of the original "The Link" route but this was shelved for a preference to using The Saints. This has resulted in two primary routes to the Ipswich Waterfront. The first is The Saints which utilises some "public domain" outside...

  14. dan5

    Ipswich women angry over 'serious' and 'barbaric' sex attack claim hoax

    by dan5 in Crime & SafetySep 7, 2017 with 0 replies and 22 views.

    Ipswich members of the public are very angry - in particular women who felt unsafe going out after dark since the sensational news reports - over an incident which was described in the Ipswich Star as both a serious sexual assault and barbaric sex attack. What can only appear to be a sick mockery of the Rope Walk attempted rape incident coinciding with the recent sentencing of the two suspects; very few people are defending the unnamed...

  15. dan5

    Update on Ipswich serious sexual assault (Tacket Street)

    by dan5 in Crime & SafetySep 7, 2017 with 0 replies and 17 views.

    Suffolk Constabulary press release:-Detectives investigating the circumstances surrounding a woman found unconscious in an Ipswich car park at the weekend have concluded that she was not the victim of an assault.The woman was discovered by a member of the public at around 1.15am on Sunday 3 September in Tacket Street car park. She had last been seen in the area of Dogs Head Street around 12.15am.The ambulance service were called to...

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