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  1. dan5

    Why Did Labour And Unison Wait Until After Two Elections To Save Free Shuttle?

    by dan5 in Civic & CommunityJul 21, 2017 with 0 replies and 22 views.

    The question asked should be Why was the petition organised after the Suffolk county local election in May and the UK snap general election in June? We had known about the free shuttle being axed and had been very vocal about this on IPSWI and through social media.If we had known, at least one of the Labour councillors (at either council) must have known? Labour wasn't interested in picking up on this at the time - in fact they weren't...

  2. dan5

    Travel Ipswich: Tower Ramparts Bus Station set to be remodelled

    by dan5 in Civic & CommunityFeb 16, 2017 with 4 replies and 11 views.

    Not much more than 3 years after the remodelling of Tower Ramparts Bus Station as part of Suffolk County Council's Travel Ipswich scheme, there are plans to remodel it to ease congestion of bus stops. Public transport (i.e. buses) are seen to be the way of easing road traffic congestion, despite them not being able to properly organise a bus station to prevent problems with congestion of buses obstructing the way for other buses and blocking...

    Latest reply: Interesting clip... The lady is right.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnWzcWv9mYY

  3. martinc

    Traffic Counters Everywhere!

    by martinc in Civic & CommunityMay 12, 2017 with 15 replies and 32 views.

    The street of Ipswich have sprouted many traffic counters across carriageways over the last few days, personally seen and driven over several in Wherstead Road, all the way out ot the A14, Dogs Head St and little old Turret Lane in the town centre, also reported in Norwich Road area as well.Who's doing what and for whom?

    Latest reply: They might install speed bumps to discourage traffic using that road.

  4. martinc

    The new Ipswich welcome signs have arrived

    by martinc in Civic & CommunityJun 3, 2017 with 4 replies and 22 views.

    well according to the Ips Soc theY have arrived, not actuallY seen one for mYself.Worth waiting for then? 

    Latest reply: Losing the county town part is a disgrace and I would like to see a change in MP, which I hope will end the Ipswich Waterfront obsession.Completely clueless from day one and struggled to obtain easy-wins... the island site isn't developed, Wine...

  5. wrightie

    The Ipswich Proposal

    by wrightie in Civic & CommunityJun 29, 2017 with 6 replies and 83 views.

    I have linked to to this site a few times but I am now going to create a new post every 2 days on the site. Its only a .wordpress blog, styled like a database/wiki site where posts can be found using categories. I aim to document every large proposal for Ipswich, including the ones that didnt get built, were downsized as well as new proposals.So far I have documented a few proposals but I aim to document every 'large' proposal in Ipswich...

    Latest reply: You are right, it is probably overkill at the moment! Still, good content so far...

  6. martinc

    The Easy Hotel, what's happening?

    by martinc in Civic & CommunityJun 30, 2017 with 8 replies and 74 views.

    The site of the new Easy Hotel in Northgate Street looks to have been abandoned. Someone I know who works adjacent tells me the workers have not been on site for a month or so now. Scaffold was put up and never used, then taken down again, and the office the builders have over the road in the former restaurant hasn't seen any activity in ages.Has the project fallen through?

    Latest reply: Yes. I wonder if they had intended to do this originally but felt the planning permission would be turned down? Some developers like getting one foot on the ladder with local planning... It could be the case of no Easy Hotel in Ipswich, if it...

  7. dan5

    Suffolk Libraries Awarded £704,000 Grant

    by dan5 in Civic & CommunityAug 7, 2017 with 0 replies and 14 views.

    It isn't all cuts. Suffolk Libraries has been awarded £176,000 a year grant from the Arts Council England as an National Portfolio Organisation to develop arts and culture for young people. This is either a lot of money for a centrally produced project or not so much if spread across all library branches.Arts Council England have announced that Suffolk Libraries will have the status of a National Portfolio Organisation for 2018-2022 and...

  8. martinc


    by martinc in Civic & CommunityMar 29, 2017 with 2 replies and 25 views.

    I walked through Sailmakers today, I'll call it that, as clearly the rebrand was a big part of the recent changes.  I pushed my way through the queue of excited retailers all vying for space to open up their new shop (I may be exaggerating there) to discover that there must be upwards of half dozen empty units in there now. But we are not talking about brightly painted hoardings over shop fronts with news about the incoming tenants to tempt...

    Latest reply:  Sailmakers stores Ipswich Baldwins bb’s coffee & muffins Blue Inc Boots (standalone but entrance to Boots inside) Crafty Cards & Gifts Ernest Jones eurochange (kiosk) Iceland Inside Out Ipswich Building Society...

  9. dan5

    Prosecco Festival is coming to Ipswich

    by dan5 in Civic & CommunityJun 29, 2017 with 4 replies and 65 views.

    Are we a town of alcoholics or is the town in desperate need of visitor boosts?So the Prosecco Festival in Ipswich has been announced for November. We have had wine and spirits, beer, gin etc.  I am expecting a Champagne, Whisky, Whiskey, Rum, Brandy, Vodka, Cider, Cognac, Perry, Tequila, Port etc. festival or two to be revealed in the next 24 months.Questions should be raised as to why we are seeing floods of these events. I don't agree...

    Latest reply: Doesn't surprise me that Norwich takes presence. Dutch - missing two e and an s - of course, the other "dutch"... already official, lol.I thought you were going to say it was German BUT Non-Bavarian perhaps Berlin, Frankfurt or Hamburg...

  10. martinc

    Princes Street works

    by martinc in Civic & CommunityMar 14, 2017 with 3 replies and 16 views.

    Well i didn't think it would take long. It looks like Anglian Water are the first to dig up part of the recently completed Princes Street paving works. They appear to have a hole in the footpath barriered off on the west side. Will be interesting to see if they reinstate it properly or if we end up with the very first tarmac scar.  Watch this space... 

    Latest reply: Why would anyone come to Ipswich based on ... ?: Train station facelift Forecourt revampThe concept that it will change the towns economic performance is seriously laughable. I am sure critics will say I am a whinger.The internal...

  11. Ipswi

    Princes Street Ipswich Parking

    by Ipswi in Civic & CommunityFeb 13, 2017 with 2 replies and 11 views.

    Inspired by Martin C's post about Arras Square illegal parking, I was intrigued to learn the other day about Ipswich Borough Council enforcing parking restrictions before the legislation came into place?Has the wide abuse of double-side parking on Princes Street stopped?

    Latest reply: The second hand bike racks are interesting - you would expect with the large cost for them to be new, however, there is nothing wrong with re-salvaging them to save cost. Removing all stickers and paint etc and repainting them. Just sticking old...

  12. martinc

    Pot Holes.

    by martinc in Civic & CommunityAug 17, 2017 with 1 replies and 15 views.

    It's getting really bad. You expect a few bits of poor road here and there, but this morning in a two mile drive from outskirts into town centre i now have to actively steer around 4 significant potholes now that I think could potentially damage the car, would most certainly throw off a cyclist or biker.. Now they have all been marked with spray paint so Highways know about them all. But one of the, actually the hardest to avoid, and it means...

    Latest reply: It is a disgrace of the state the roads are in. Suffolk Highways (or to the point Kier) are to blame. Elsewhere, at the station area the roads are being resurfaced multiple times in a few months... Part of this is cosmetic in Burrell Road...

  13. martinc

    Parking in Arras Square, St Stephens Lane

    by martinc in Civic & CommunityFeb 13, 2017 with 24 replies and 52 views.

    Still a big problem with no sign of any action from either SCC of IBC. So far as we understand their is a Traffic Order preventing parking but as there are no signs up it can't be enforced. IBC would be responsible for the enforcement but they have advised us that they are waiting for SCC to sort out the signs. SCC also advise that there are potential land ownership issues that may be complicating the issue. Bottom line is we can't get a...

    Latest reply: It was a significant problem for many years... all authorities just passed the buck - but how the junior and senior councils work in the two-tier system only encourages such an infinitive loop.It was just a small part of the overall town and...

  14. martinc

    Oh Dear Travel Ipswich

    by martinc in Civic & CommunityMar 20, 2017 with 7 replies and 15 views.

    Once upon a time there was a travelipswich website. It kept the residents of this town informed about the project, what was being done, and where their money was being spent etc. This website was at www.travelipswich.co.uk. Some while ago the website disappeared, a shame really as people were still most interested in the project (they still are). So this evening when looking through my collection of "Ipswich" bookmarks I try the old...

    Latest reply: They have thought about it but cannot do it because of the school. I am surprised they haven't got rid of the mini roundabout and replaced it with traffic lights! The road shaping outside the co-op is silly. This is to reduce speed for the...

  15. martinc

    Ipswich Star commits treason?

    by martinc in Civic & CommunityMar 24, 2017 with 1 replies and 19 views.

    I didn't find anything particularly funny to be honest as I scrolled through the Ipswich Star's contribution towards Red Nose day today.A comic twist on nostalgic pictures for Red Nose Daybut I was a little surprised to see this photo...I'm no royalist but I did think it was perhaps a bit disrespectful, at best just unnecessary, plenty of other people they could send up.But I loved this in the comments, I hope it's true, was Mike...

    Latest reply: Paul Geater.

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