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  1. martinc

    The weed infested streets of Ipswich

    by martinc in Civic & CommunitySep 2, 2017 with 19 replies and 130 views.

    I'm sick of traveling around this town and seeing so many road gutters full of weeds. It's like an epededmic now, everywhere except town centre which I assume is receiving some cleaning. It's not just roads of course, many footpaths are as bad especially around trees and other street furniture. Last year I reported this to SCC via their online report site. After numerous chase ups and vague offers from SCC to investigate I gave up. Nothing...

    Latest reply: It is a very profitable business. (Although that article is about increased turnover and not profit)I don't think they are bothered about weeds at all. Not profitable for them.

  2. martinc

    Orwell Bridge Closed September, October

    by martinc in Civic & CommunitySep 16, 2017 with 11 replies and 95 views.

    Yes, there are signs around the town announcing that the Orwell Bridge is closed, September, October. And then it goes on to say somethingl like to avoid congestion avoid the diversion routes.. (need a photo!)Now hang on, this reads like the bridge is shut for a whole two months, how mad and stupid is that.We have had a letter at home from Kier sent to us presumably as residents on the diversion route to tell us they are doing maintenance...

    Latest reply: Yeah, this may be the regular 6 year inspection but I reckon it gets interim inspections as well, plus other maintenance, I seems to recall it was only a couple of years ago it was shut for a couple of weeks over night for bearing replacement,...

  3. dan5

    Cornhill Dig

    by dan5 in Civic & CommunitySep 13, 2017 with 8 replies and 56 views.

    560 Ipswich Society has posted a photo of the Cornhill archaeological dig in the town centre. They refer to the proposed fountains as "fun fountains". The lower level has been akin to the medieval market site - which is ironic as Ipswich Borough Council has no intention to keep the charter market on the Cornhill.What will happen once the work has been done? Are they going to keep the entire Cornhill closed off? As you can see very little...

    Latest reply: Update photo...591 From Ipswich Society facebook.

  4. martinc

    The Winerack

    by martinc in Civic & CommunitySep 11, 2017 with 7 replies and 65 views.

    get your name down quick, before they all go.... Introduction

    Latest reply: Possible that Regatta Block A (Velsheda) aka Winerack was going to use dodgy cladding?An application received this week to Substitution of an external cladding and replacing it with Keratwin K20 Ceramic Planks, colour terracotta as per...

  5. dan5

    Ipswich Railway Station Forecourt

    by dan5 in Civic & CommunityMar 21, 2017 with 10 replies and 46 views.

    I went into the forecourt of Ipswich Rail Station this morning....Unless I am mistaken by perception, the current incomplete design looks nothing like it. Bus Stop area looks larger than the taxi rank area - when it should look rather equal - is there enough room for the bus shelters on pavement? The Improved Pedestrian Access area (public realm) doesn't seem that large - by this design it takes up 45% of the greater forecourt area...

    Latest reply: This has now been revisited around 6 months on. Ipswich Railway Station Forecourt revisited

  6. martinc

    New National Cycle Route Signs

    by martinc in Civic & CommunitySep 6, 2017 with 5 replies and 34 views.

    Are these new? I hadn't seen them before but around the old Cattle Market a number of blue signs have sprung up with a red cycle route number telling us the direction and how far it is to such places as Bramford.... I should have taken a photo, I will in due course, but these are not there on the 2016 streetview images so must be quite new.My personal favorite is a sign at the top of Silent Street, which you would only see heading north...

    Latest reply: yes, I liked Ken Livingstone, much misunderstood and greatly misrepresented in the tory press, didn't know that about the Boris busses, shocking.. not to mention the waste of money on the now canned garden bridge...

  7. dan5

    Ipswich Star Front Pages

    by dan5 in Civic & CommunitySep 6, 2017 with 3 replies and 25 views.

    These are the Ipswich Star front page headlines for the last quarter of what is available through Twitter.This is to see how the town gets portrayed - "The Champion of Ipswich" - look for balance of positive stories to negative (crime, service cuts, job losses etc.)499 500 501 502 503 504 505 506 507 508

    Latest reply: Continued... (last batch for this quarter)523 524 525 526 527 528 529

  8. dan5

    Hospital Merger: Free Shuttle Between Ipswich & Colchester

    by dan5 in Civic & CommunityAug 25, 2017 with 0 replies and 29 views.

    It has been announced that poor ill people will be offered a free ride to Colchester General Hospital or Ipswich Hospital as part of the cost-cutting austerity plan to merge the hospitals as one. 455 Google suggests this is a 36 minute car journey for just under 20 miles. This opens up a bigger can of worms as this service plus traffic congestion could make you miss an appointment and occur a fine for missed appointment. Those reliant...

  9. martinc

    The Easy Hotel, what's happening?

    by martinc in Civic & CommunityJun 30, 2017 with 9 replies and 105 views.

    The site of the new Easy Hotel in Northgate Street looks to have been abandoned. Someone I know who works adjacent tells me the workers have not been on site for a month or so now. Scaffold was put up and never used, then taken down again, and the office the builders have over the road in the former restaurant hasn't seen any activity in ages.Has the project fallen through?

    Latest reply: Ipswich Society...Work ceased on this project a little while back and the plans have now been revised.easi-hotel proposes reduction from 95 to 89 rooms, re-formation of the lightwell and changes to the ground floor layout, omission of approved...

  10. dan5

    Ipswich Society: More Maritime Festival Please!

    by dan5 in Civic & CommunityAug 23, 2017 with 0 replies and 25 views.

    Reading a post from the Ipswich Society facebook with the following Ipswich Star article posted What Would You Like To See At Ipswich Maritime Festival If It Returns Next Year? raised some very interesting comments of future suggestions plus criticisms of the Ipswich Maritime Festival 2017... The reason why I stick more importance to Ipswich Society members (although nothing restricting non-members posting on their facebook page) is they...

  11. dan5

    20 Positive Reasons To Be Cheerful About Ipswich

    by dan5 in Civic & CommunityAug 18, 2017 with 1 replies and 27 views.

    John Field's (former town centre manager) reasons to be cheerful about Ipswich.1. It has a long and fascinating history, being the oldest continuously-inhabited English town, with over 650 listed buildings – one of the largest concentrations of historic buildings in East Anglia. These include such wonderful examples as Christchurch Mansion, the Ancient House, the Unitarian Meeting House, Isaacs and the large collection of full-blown...

    Latest reply: (continued...)11. Although there are some empty shop units in the town centre, we must note that this is happening in all towns and cities throughout the country (and abroad) – in fact, our occupancy rate is slightly better than the average for...

  12. martinc

    All About Ipswich Website.

    by martinc in Civic & CommunityAug 18, 2017 with 1 replies and 22 views.

    Another thread led me to this site and this page in particular,, that photo, where is that and who parked their Ferrari right out side like that.. Yes, very representative of eating out in Ipswich.. they have some broken links as well, hmmm...

    Latest reply: Some? Every time I go on their website (not often) there is always broken links!You should have seen their old website lol :DI think any website using ASP(X) shouldn't be using jQuery. If directories begin with an uppercase you should keep...

  13. martinc

    If Our Towns Are To Flourish We Must Rethink What We Want Them To Offer

    by martinc in Civic & CommunityAug 17, 2017 with 1 replies and 25 views.

    Did you miss this one?If our towns are to flourish we must rethink what we want them to offerBig G says some things up to a point I agree with, shock horror..

    Latest reply: I did read it on Ipswich Star but hasn't come through on the feed. Not everything does. I have to admit I am sick of these articles... half of the residents would be able to do something to even partly get out of the mess we are in. The...

  14. martinc

    Pot Holes.

    by martinc in Civic & CommunityAug 17, 2017 with 1 replies and 28 views.

    It's getting really bad. You expect a few bits of poor road here and there, but this morning in a two mile drive from outskirts into town centre i now have to actively steer around 4 significant potholes now that I think could potentially damage the car, would most certainly throw off a cyclist or biker.. Now they have all been marked with spray paint so Highways know about them all. But one of the, actually the hardest to avoid, and it means...

    Latest reply: It is a disgrace of the state the roads are in. Suffolk Highways (or to the point Kier) are to blame. Elsewhere, at the station area the roads are being resurfaced multiple times in a few months... Part of this is cosmetic in Burrell Road...

  15. martinc

    How Green Are Our Roads?

    by martinc in Civic & CommunityAug 13, 2017 with 1 replies and 23 views.

    It's great to know that SCC Highways are actively seeking to make all our roads a lot greener again this year. Take a trip along almost any road in Ipswich currently and marvel at the wonderful greening of our environment as the weeds in the road gutters get taller and taller and spread further along each Street. So marvelous are some of those along Colchester Road and Valley Road now that the grass verges have merged in completely with the...

    Latest reply: All part of their masterplan. Ipswich is well-averaged, mixed middle class and working class -with quite a chunk of underclass ("chav", street drinkers etc.) , mixed social occupation grades... (of mostly C1C2DE) the Northern Fringe/Ipswich...

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