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This covers Central Ipswich - Ipswich Town Centre including the political wards of Alexandra, St Margarets and Westgate - and for all intents and purposes the Ipswich Central BID (Business Improvement District) area, "Ipswich Village" and the Ipswich Waterfront (quayside only).

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  1. Ipswi

    Chopstix Noodle bar coming to Ipswich Sailmakers

    by Ipswi in Central IpswichApr 28, 2017 with 4 replies and 265 views.

    We can reveal that Chopstix Noodle Bar intends to open in Unit 8 of Sailmakers.Chopstix (if granted planning consent) will then be rivalling Wagamama in Buttermarket Centre.

    Latest reply: Ipswich Society states: Chopstix noodle bar Ipswich to open soon!543 Many people very excited for this noodle bar to open.

  2. dan5

    Creams Gelato Co prepares to open in Buttermarket Centre

    by dan5 in Central IpswichSep 7, 2017 with 4 replies and 218 views.

    Ipswich Society reports that Creams (another ice cream desert place) refit is nearing completion and should open soon (ready for the autumn - probably a bad time to open?)535 Looks good from the outside, the white pillar is unfortunate and the Creams sign sideways looks bad... overall quite good.

    Latest reply: It is interesting... Creams appears to be aiming upmarket - words like "purveyor" prominently displays will give the placebo effect of quality... although to some it may be too close to "pervert" to attract everyones money. :D Seller of desserts...

  3. dan5

    Hopsters Micro-brewed Beer Coming To St. Nicholas Street.

    by dan5 in Central IpswichAug 24, 2017 with 0 replies and 206 views.

    Isobellas boutique dress shop is set to become an independent store selling beers from local micro-breweries, according to Ipswich Society. This Grade II listed building in St. Nicholas Street which recently closed as "Isobellas" boutique dress shop is now to become "Hopsters".This is another independent for Ipswich which will sell beers from a collection of Micro-Breweries in the area; beers which are not readily available in...

  4. dan5

    Connexions 159

    by dan5 in Central IpswichJul 13, 2017 with 10 replies and 151 views.

    Please please please, somebody take this building (or a floor) already!Connexions 159 Office Block - Office Space Ipswich, SuffolkTO LET: Town centre location2 minutes walk from Ipswich Train Station • 5 minutes walk to Town Centre • 60+ car parking spaces • Grade A office space of 44,646 sq ft • Suites from 8,540 sq ft to 44,646 sq ftWWbR2wDdV28http://www.connexions159.co.uk/downloads/Connexions159-flyer.pdf

    Latest reply: I went past today and they are offering incentives. New boards up outside (might have been for a couple of weeks) and are utilising windows to stick vinyl advertisements promoting the office space. I wonder if they have read IPSWI... (back in...

  5. martinc

    Camp Cattlemarket now open for business!

    by martinc in Central IpswichSep 8, 2017 with 21 replies and 149 views.

    I imagine its probably not an official Camping and Caravan Club site, and I doubt you get an electric hook up, and not sure about the showers and loos but apart from that camp Cattle Market is now open for business with the first two tents having been pitched already.. Is this part of the tourist boom the town is supposed to be having maybe? Book now to avoid disappointment as space is limited...

    Latest reply: I was pretty convinced that this would be folded into a PR stunt for the various homelessness agencies in Ipswich including the Homeless Shelter Bus. I am still waiting for news from Sandy Martin addressing this issue. Without sounding so cliche,...

  6. martinc

    The Easy Hotel, what's happening?

    by martinc in Central IpswichJun 30, 2017 with 9 replies and 133 views.

    The site of the new Easy Hotel in Northgate Street looks to have been abandoned. Someone I know who works adjacent tells me the workers have not been on site for a month or so now. Scaffold was put up and never used, then taken down again, and the office the builders have over the road in the former restaurant hasn't seen any activity in ages.Has the project fallen through?

    Latest reply: Ipswich Society...Work ceased on this project a little while back and the plans have now been revised.easi-hotel proposes reduction from 95 to 89 rooms, re-formation of the lightwell and changes to the ground floor layout, omission of approved...

  7. martinc

    Parking in Arras Square, St Stephens Lane

    by martinc in Central IpswichFeb 13, 2017 with 27 replies and 123 views.

    Still a big problem with no sign of any action from either SCC of IBC. So far as we understand their is a Traffic Order preventing parking but as there are no signs up it can't be enforced. IBC would be responsible for the enforcement but they have advised us that they are waiting for SCC to sort out the signs. SCC also advise that there are potential land ownership issues that may be complicating the issue. Bottom line is we can't get a...

    Latest reply: This is what I initially thought, workmen perhaps doing preliminary works in BHS, but both property and van locked (I assume, didn't exactly check either but "closed" nevertheless). They weren't marked up with a business name or company branding,...

  8. wrightie

    Eagle Wharf - Waterfront East Visitor centre

    by wrightie in Central IpswichSep 9, 2017 with 9 replies and 121 views.

    549 I wrote a post on this but thought it'd be interesting to post here.Eagle WharfIpswich waterfront lack a tourist attraction aside for a few cafes and bars, but it turns out there was a proposal for a visitor centre that would be the hub of East Anglia. Turns out in 2004 they wanted to create a visitor centre on the site between Ship Launch Road and Patterson Road... plus 566 flats, called Waterfront East. The centre would occupy...

    Latest reply: Thank you for the map. It really puts it into perspective geographically. The whole area could have been pretty special. If we consider the university alone, they could have bunched up the campus a bit on the eastern edge of the wet dock......

  9. dan5

    Prosecco Festival is coming to Ipswich

    by dan5 in Central IpswichJun 29, 2017 with 4 replies and 115 views.

    Are we a town of alcoholics or is the town in desperate need of visitor boosts?So the Prosecco Festival in Ipswich has been announced for November. We have had wine and spirits, beer, gin etc.  I am expecting a Champagne, Whisky, Whiskey, Rum, Brandy, Vodka, Cider, Cognac, Perry, Tequila, Port etc. festival or two to be revealed in the next 24 months.Questions should be raised as to why we are seeing floods of these events. I don't agree...

    Latest reply: Doesn't surprise me that Norwich takes presence. Dutch - missing two e and an s - of course, the other "dutch"... already official, lol.I thought you were going to say it was German BUT Non-Bavarian perhaps Berlin, Frankfurt or Hamburg...

  10. dan5

    Ipswich Maritime Festival 2017: The Vikings Are Here!

    by dan5 in Central IpswichAug 14, 2017 with 15 replies and 110 views.

    Oh we do love to be beside the … Waterfront!Yes, preparations are under way for the fabulous Ipswich Maritime Festival, which offers fun and frolics by the water on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th August.The two days will be filled with music, historical re-enactments, a variety of vessels, street food, fairground rides, Punch & Judy, a range of stalls and children’s activities.Entry to the Maritime Festival is free and a fully programmed...

    Latest reply: Some people are a bit annoyed by it all. (If it isn't found will take a while to work, the following link to the main topic)Ipswich Star article on facebook has brought out a lot of home truths.Common themes:-Needs to be more maritime - so...

  11. wrightie

    Old Post Office On The Cornhill To Be Retail?

    by wrightie in Central IpswichJul 3, 2017 with 1 replies and 109 views.

    I heard something interesting about Next today. For the record, nothing is official and could just be rumours, though its probably just optimistic talk.Apparently Next are talking about a proposal that 'could' be submitted that will see Next wanting to occupy the Old Post Office building. Apparently they have wanted a store in the Cornhill area ever since they left Westgate Street a few years back. The Ipswich star stated this last year...

    Latest reply: The idea of a cafe, coffee shop or restaurant in the Old Post Office building just shows how unimaginative and unambitious Ipswich Borough Council really is! It worked well with Arlingtons in what was the original Ipswich Museum building (giving...

  12. Ipswi

    Empire Cinema: Details and Ticket Prices

    by Ipswi in Central IpswichMar 29, 2017 with 3 replies and 104 views.

    Empire Cinema is getting ready to launch. I have been on their website to relay some information. This isn't a sponsored post.Located in the Buttermarket Shopping Centre, our new 14 Screen Cinema opening on 31st March, will feature luxury seating as standard in all screens, along with giving cinemagoers the option to 'upgrade' and watch all the action on the biggest screens from the comfort of their very own luxury recliner or share one of...

    Latest reply: Martin, I went up St Stephens Lane last night around 9pm-ish and almost got run down by a car. At night it is worse. Free-for-all parking on St Stephens Lane and Arras Square at night. I would estimate around 20 or so vehicles in total including...

  13. dan5

    German Doner Kebab Coming To Ipswich

    by dan5 in Central IpswichJul 9, 2017 with 2 replies and 98 views.

    I can reveal that German Doner Kebab have applied for planning permission to open a restaurant opposite Love Thy Burger in Westgate Street. This is A3 usage so isn't intended to primarily be a fast food takeaway.Application for determination of whether prior approval is required for conversion from A1 (retail) to A3 (restaurant) use.This was formerly the Granite Outdoors shop. I suppose it offers variety to Turkish doner kebabs whatever...

    Latest reply: When will the next recession be? Half these restaurants will disappear. What really annoys me is the "budget" and "super budget" hotels springing up. How the chains work is requiring a 25-30% occupancy to survive. I would be surprised if...

  14. Ipswi

    Ipswich Professional Drivers

    by Ipswi in Central IpswichMar 19, 2017 with 1 replies and 93 views.

    One of my growing pet hates bugbears in recent times is poor standards of driving. Primarily as witnessed by professional drivers.Lorries overtaking on the A14 can be annoying but this topic is to focus on taxi drivers and bus drivers (from my perspectives anyhow).Professional DriversThe below is my experiences to share but feel free to add any incidents of poor standards by taxi drivers, bus drivers, driving instructors and lorry...

    Latest reply: Never heard anything back from Ipswich Borough Council. Don't think they ever took any action.

  15. dan5

    Key Street Repaving

    by dan5 in Central IpswichJul 6, 2017 with 4 replies and 88 views.

    Ipswich Society reports that on Monday work will begin on paving Key Street. This will involve 12 weeks of roadworks - with Key Street having alternating closure of one lane while the work goes ahead. No doubt this not completely necessary work (the lack of weed control has created this problem) is a result of the Wine Rack plans and Quay Place renovation. After years of wrangling as to where the developer's boundary ends and Suffolk...

    Latest reply: Further Ipswich Society update...The new paving has been completed opposite the Premier Inn on Key Street and now work has moved to the other side of the road and Toucan Crossing lights will be installed soon. This not only makes the area more...

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