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This covers Central Ipswich - Ipswich Town Centre including the political wards of Alexandra, St Margarets and Westgate - and for all intents and purposes the Ipswich Central BID (Business Improvement District) area, "Ipswich Village" and the Ipswich Waterfront (quayside only).

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    Ipswich Waterfront
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  1. martinc

    Parking in Arras Square, St Stephens Lane

    by martinc in Central IpswichFeb 13, 2017 with 27 replies and 123 views.

    Still a big problem with no sign of any action from either SCC of IBC. So far as we understand their is a Traffic Order preventing parking but as there are no signs up it can't be enforced. IBC would be responsible for the enforcement but they have advised us that they are waiting for SCC to sort out the signs. SCC also advise that there are potential land ownership issues that may be complicating the issue. Bottom line is we can't get a...

    Latest reply: This is what I initially thought, workmen perhaps doing preliminary works in BHS, but both property and van locked (I assume, didn't exactly check either but "closed" nevertheless). They weren't marked up with a business name or company branding,...

  2. martinc

    Camp Cattlemarket now open for business!

    by martinc in Central IpswichSep 8, 2017 with 21 replies and 149 views.

    I imagine its probably not an official Camping and Caravan Club site, and I doubt you get an electric hook up, and not sure about the showers and loos but apart from that camp Cattle Market is now open for business with the first two tents having been pitched already.. Is this part of the tourist boom the town is supposed to be having maybe? Book now to avoid disappointment as space is limited...

    Latest reply: I was pretty convinced that this would be folded into a PR stunt for the various homelessness agencies in Ipswich including the Homeless Shelter Bus. I am still waiting for news from Sandy Martin addressing this issue. Without sounding so cliche,...

  3. dan5

    Ipswich Maritime Festival 2017: The Vikings Are Here!

    by dan5 in Central IpswichAug 14, 2017 with 15 replies and 109 views.

    Oh we do love to be beside the … Waterfront!Yes, preparations are under way for the fabulous Ipswich Maritime Festival, which offers fun and frolics by the water on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th August.The two days will be filled with music, historical re-enactments, a variety of vessels, street food, fairground rides, Punch & Judy, a range of stalls and children’s activities.Entry to the Maritime Festival is free and a fully programmed...

    Latest reply: Some people are a bit annoyed by it all. (If it isn't found will take a while to work, the following link to the main topic)Ipswich Star article on facebook has brought out a lot of home truths.Common themes:-Needs to be more maritime - so...

  4. martinc

    Traffic Counters Everywhere!

    by martinc in Central IpswichMay 12, 2017 with 15 replies and 58 views.

    The street of Ipswich have sprouted many traffic counters across carriageways over the last few days, personally seen and driven over several in Wherstead Road, all the way out ot the A14, Dogs Head St and little old Turret Lane in the town centre, also reported in Norwich Road area as well.Who's doing what and for whom?

    Latest reply: They might install speed bumps to discourage traffic using that road.

  5. dan5

    Connexions 159

    by dan5 in Central IpswichJul 13, 2017 with 10 replies and 151 views.

    Please please please, somebody take this building (or a floor) already!Connexions 159 Office Block - Office Space Ipswich, SuffolkTO LET: Town centre location2 minutes walk from Ipswich Train Station • 5 minutes walk to Town Centre • 60+ car parking spaces • Grade A office space of 44,646 sq ft • Suites from 8,540 sq ft to 44,646 sq ftWWbR2wDdV28http://www.connexions159.co.uk/downloads/Connexions159-flyer.pdf

    Latest reply: I went past today and they are offering incentives. New boards up outside (might have been for a couple of weeks) and are utilising windows to stick vinyl advertisements promoting the office space. I wonder if they have read IPSWI... (back in...

  6. dan5

    Ipswich Railway Station Forecourt

    by dan5 in Central IpswichMar 21, 2017 with 10 replies and 64 views.

    I went into the forecourt of Ipswich Rail Station this morning....Unless I am mistaken by perception, the current incomplete design looks nothing like it. Bus Stop area looks larger than the taxi rank area - when it should look rather equal - is there enough room for the bus shelters on pavement? The Improved Pedestrian Access area (public realm) doesn't seem that large - by this design it takes up 45% of the greater forecourt area...

    Latest reply: This has now been revisited around 6 months on. Ipswich Railway Station Forecourt revisited

  7. dan5

    Ipswich Railway Station Forecourt revisited

    by dan5 in Central IpswichSep 15, 2017 with 9 replies and 85 views.

    So we have covered the Ipswich Rail Station forecourt works before... but a few months later...563 What is this? Welcome to Ipswich is located further from the doors than the ATM machines and postbox - even the bins! It is a third party premium map and not one by the council, Ipswich Central or the DMO. No visitor to Ipswich would notice it is there (apart from their way back to the train station to leave). Even if you found one of the...

    Latest reply: Indeed, but we have to wrestle with weather and light conditions too. So it isn't always as simple as avoiding the rush (this is after you have found some time to do it too!)I expected this, SCC picked up a little around the time preceding the...

  8. wrightie

    Eagle Wharf - Waterfront East Visitor centre

    by wrightie in Central IpswichSep 9, 2017 with 9 replies and 121 views.

    549 I wrote a post on this but thought it'd be interesting to post here.Eagle WharfIpswich waterfront lack a tourist attraction aside for a few cafes and bars, but it turns out there was a proposal for a visitor centre that would be the hub of East Anglia. Turns out in 2004 they wanted to create a visitor centre on the site between Ship Launch Road and Patterson Road... plus 566 flats, called Waterfront East. The centre would occupy...

    Latest reply: Thank you for the map. It really puts it into perspective geographically. The whole area could have been pretty special. If we consider the university alone, they could have bunched up the campus a bit on the eastern edge of the wet dock......

  9. martinc

    The Easy Hotel, what's happening?

    by martinc in Central IpswichJun 30, 2017 with 9 replies and 133 views.

    The site of the new Easy Hotel in Northgate Street looks to have been abandoned. Someone I know who works adjacent tells me the workers have not been on site for a month or so now. Scaffold was put up and never used, then taken down again, and the office the builders have over the road in the former restaurant hasn't seen any activity in ages.Has the project fallen through?

    Latest reply: Ipswich Society...Work ceased on this project a little while back and the plans have now been revised.easi-hotel proposes reduction from 95 to 89 rooms, re-formation of the lightwell and changes to the ground floor layout, omission of approved...

  10. dan5

    Ranelagh Road Closure - Ipswich Railway Station forecourt improvement scheme

    by dan5 in Central IpswichFeb 20, 2017 with 9 replies and 32 views.

    Ranelagh Road Closure (part) 10-weeks estimated for:- replacing traffic lightsupgrading street lightingNational Grid gas main worksnew bus and taxi sheltersreplacing road markings and signs on all three approaches to the stationresurfacing of the station forecourt area - bus and taxi lanesI wonder if the "replaced road markings" will result in pushed-back stop lines and introducing of ASL on Burrell Road and Princes Street. More...

    Latest reply: Tuesday 28 February 201709:28 P&R was 4 minutes late. I got on the 09:40 Park and Ride service which diverted through Hadleigh Road. At the lights waiting to turn right into West End Road, an articulated lorry for AAH Pharmaceuticals jumped...

  11. dan5

    Cornhill Dig

    by dan5 in Central IpswichSep 13, 2017 with 8 replies and 86 views.

    560 Ipswich Society has posted a photo of the Cornhill archaeological dig in the town centre. They refer to the proposed fountains as "fun fountains". The lower level has been akin to the medieval market site - which is ironic as Ipswich Borough Council has no intention to keep the charter market on the Cornhill.What will happen once the work has been done? Are they going to keep the entire Cornhill closed off? As you can see very little...

    Latest reply: Update photo...591 From Ipswich Society facebook.

  12. dan5

    Ipswich Family Trail 2017

    by dan5 in Central IpswichAug 9, 2017 with 7 replies and 64 views.

    283 Compared to the Explore Ipswich Visitor Guide, the Ipswich Family Trail (although for a completely different audience) is actually really good. Allows children to learn about features on buildings and the like.Runs until early September... See an online version of the booklet or get a copy from the Tourist Information Centre.Ipswich Family Trail

    Latest reply: I am sure there is a couple of questionable characters but each of those people have a story. The council seems to think it isn't their problem as these people don't pay council tax and probably don't vote either. It is an awful attitude to...

  13. martinc

    The Winerack

    by martinc in Central IpswichSep 11, 2017 with 7 replies and 79 views.

    get your name down quick, before they all go.... Introduction

    Latest reply: Possible that Regatta Block A (Velsheda) aka Winerack was going to use dodgy cladding?An application received this week to Substitution of an external cladding and replacing it with Keratwin K20 Ceramic Planks, colour terracotta as per...

  14. dan5

    Ipswich Jobs and Careers Fair

    by dan5 in Central IpswichAug 29, 2017 with 6 replies and 72 views.

    From Ipswich Borough Council website:-If you are looking for a new job or a change in career – this event is the place to go to!A Jobs and Careers Fair is taking place on Thursday 14th September at Ipswich Corn Exchange, with up to 40 companies and organisations offering advice and information about current vacancies and training opportunities. It is all happening between 10am and 2pm and with AXA, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and John...

    Latest reply: Ipswich Borough Council has released a press release... Fair enough! Businesses hail jobs and careers event | Ipswich Borough CouncilMore than 1,200 people flocked to the Ipswich Jobs & Career Fair at the Corn Exchange, with businesses hailing...

  15. Ipswi

    Ipswich Society to meet to discuss Cornhill Redevelopment

    by Ipswi in Central IpswichMay 1, 2017 with 6 replies and 31 views.

    Ipswich Society members are to meet to discuss the Cornhill Redevelopment situation the day after the 8-week target date of the planning application.CORNHILL REDEVELOPMENT DISCUSSION MEETING FOR MEMBERSWednesday 10th May - 7.30pm - Museum Street Methodist ChurchThe new proposals for the Cornhill, with their impact right at the core of our town and involving a large sum of public money, are of great importance to us all. They are soon to be...

    Latest reply: Took them a while to even acknowledge the event had taken place!Quite a good turn out. I will be interested in the views given.As an External Consultee for the council they will report back to the council in due course. I feel a compromise...

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