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    Ipswich Labour Party gets national award after surprise election victory

    by newsbot in Ben GummerSep 26, 2017 with 3 replies and 40 views.

    Ipswich Labour Party gets national award after surprise election victorySandy Martin’s surprise election victory in June has brought Ipswich Labour Party a national award – thanks to a some long-distance campaigning from the Czech Republic!Continue reading... on Ipswich Star

    Latest reply: I almost forgot. Also don't forget he still doesn't have a website or anything. (I know you already said this, just stressing this fact) It is like some form of 21st century snobbery... but very few MPs don't have one. If everyone else has one,...

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    Ousted Tory Mp Ben Gummer's Ipswich Office Up For Sale

    by newsbot in Ben GummerJul 1, 2017 with 1 replies and 55 views.

    The author of the Conservative manifesto lost his seat of seven years by fewer than 1,000 votes.Continue reading... on BBC News website

    Latest reply: You have to laugh. Apparently, the lease was up on it before the General Election purdah. Interesting how he has dumped his marketing literature behind.I wonder what kind of shop that will now become or will it remain empty for a long time to...

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    Politicians drop real issues in local election race to open luxury apartments

    by newsbot in Ben GummerApr 10, 2017 with 6 replies and 39 views.

    Ipswich’s Electric House owners reveal building’s new £1m makeover into luxury apartmentsAn Ipswich property company has unveiled 14 new “Manhattan-style” apartments after converting the town’s historic Electric House building with support from Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking.Corindale Properties, which was established in 1997 by Kevin Cattermole and Jeremy Goddard, specialise in land and property development, including new builds and...

    Latest reply: Comments overlapped, glad you found it.Lower end (but good standard) accommodation in a good central location (the town might be dead, it might be near a busy road and noise and air pollution from bus station... still central). The roof viewing...

  4. newsbot

    Ben Gummer shocked by Westminster terrorist attack

    by newsbot in Ben GummerMar 22, 2017 with 16 replies and 58 views.

    Ben Gummer shocked by terror in Westminster as East Anglian MPs praise policeIpswich MP and Cabinet Office minister Ben Gummer was left shocked after seeing the aftermath of the attack.He said: “I cannot say much about this – but I saw more than I wanted to and it really brought home the dangers faced by those who are there to protect us. It was a horrible, horrible moment and I feel very sorry for the police officer, his family and...

    Latest reply: Ben Gummer was out recently with political party rival David Ellesmere to open luxury apartments; you know the real issues facing Ipswich!You will notice in the media they have stopped using physical descriptions of non-white British people....

  5. newsbot

    Ben Gummers parents caused damage in Brighton 1984

    by newsbot in Ben GummerMar 23, 2017 with 2 replies and 40 views.

    Terrorism never succeeds in Britain says Ipswich MP whose parents were caught in Brighton bombBy strange and unhappy coincidence, I was going to write this week about terrorism, writes MP for Ipswich, Ben Gummer in the wake of the Westminster attacks.I grew up far more conscious of terror than any of us would wish a child to be. My mother and father were in the Brighton Bomb and it was only by a stroke of remarkable good fortune that both...

    Latest reply: Perhaps he lets the Star do the proofing and editing, it may well all be fine before they get their hands on it..!Having said that I have found some other stuff attributed to him to be less than the most elegant prose.

  6. newsbot

    Ben Gummer mouthpiece Paul Geater shoots down usual suspect whingers

    by newsbot in Ben GummerMar 16, 2017 with 4 replies and 37 views.

    New Orwell crossings and Cornhill upgrade signal bright future for Ipswich town centreTogether these developments could really transform Ipswich town centre, and I’m sure most people welcome the investment that they will bring to the town.But of course there will be critics who don’t like what is planned – and we’ve already seen some of their comments appearing on our websites.While many of the comments have come from “usual suspects”...

    Latest reply: I am proper pissed off with their choice of Enterprise Zone zoning:- 3 sites on Princes Street (fisons (now connexions), Birketts new HQ and the car park/car place for a new office block) Sproughton Sugar Beet factory for a wasted...

  7. newsbot

    Ipswich prostitution problems again incited by cheap budget hotels

    by newsbot in Ben GummerMar 16, 2017 with 0 replies and 30 views.

    Sex workers return to the streets of Ipswich while off-street prostitution is also ‘thriving’David Ellesmere, leader of Ipswich Borough Council, said plans for a new and independent system to make it easier for people to call in any concerns were being put in place.He added: “I would imagine that those reports to the police are a small proportion of what’s actually being seen because not everyone will report it.“At the moment police...

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