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  1. dan5

    Ipswich Jobs and Careers Fair

    by dan5 in Activities & SocialAug 29, 2017 with 6 replies and 63 views.

    From Ipswich Borough Council website:-If you are looking for a new job or a change in career – this event is the place to go to!A Jobs and Careers Fair is taking place on Thursday 14th September at Ipswich Corn Exchange, with up to 40 companies and organisations offering advice and information about current vacancies and training opportunities. It is all happening between 10am and 2pm and with AXA, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and John...

    Latest reply: Ipswich Borough Council has released a press release... Fair enough! Businesses hail jobs and careers event | Ipswich Borough CouncilMore than 1,200 people flocked to the Ipswich Jobs & Career Fair at the Corn Exchange, with businesses hailing...

  2. wrightie

    Amazing spaces - Shed of the year - Ipswich

    by wrightie in Activities & SocialSep 10, 2017 with 7 replies and 52 views.

    Ipswich has a long maritime history, yet its not celebrated, bar a few hidden displays. This is a clip from Amazing Spaces, shed of the year (wasted about 20 minutes sorting out a YouTube upload, turns out its blocked only in the UK !!!! Uploaded to dailymotion instead). A shed, dedicated to the craft of rope making and celebration of maritime heritage. If only the waterfront had something like this on a larger scale... not just about rope...

    Latest reply: would you like to come and visit the important collection of plastic flower pots in my shed? By invitation only, but its world class. I even have the very rare Optipot LR2, 2 litre in blue!

  3. dan5

    Ipswich Twilight Road Races

    by dan5 in Activities & SocialAug 18, 2017 with 0 replies and 13 views.

    Of all the public transport routes Ipswich Buses runs, only 8, 9 and 10 from North West Ipswich and the X5 from the hospital are unaffected by the Twilight road races... this is due to them not using the bus gyratory which is heavily impacted for this race. Ipswich Twilight road race Friday 18th August 2017 | Ipswich BusesWith dusk scheduled for 8.50pm couldn't they have delayed the start until 7pm? Does the race have to finish for...

  4. dan5

    Ipswich Escape Rooms

    by dan5 in Activities & SocialAug 9, 2017 with 4 replies and 42 views.

    Has anyone tried the Ipswich Escape Rooms? There was one at Suffolk Food Hall and one at Dencora Business Centre.Ipswich Escape RoomsDencora Business Centre36 White House RoadIpswich IP1 5LTThe concept extends from mobile phone game apps: Android Escape Room Apps and Apple iOS Escape Room Apps. The offline version is £26 per person - pretty expensive for an hour - but at the same time something novel which might be worth the cost for...

    Latest reply: It would be a very interesting experience to setup one of these escape rooms, set someone a challenge... I think the anonymous door and flights of stairs would probably add to the whole experience. Probably not the same for a first floor room...

  5. dan5

    Ipswich Family Trail 2017

    by dan5 in Activities & SocialAug 9, 2017 with 2 replies and 28 views.

    283 Compared to the Explore Ipswich Visitor Guide, the Ipswich Family Trail (although for a completely different audience) is actually really good. Allows children to learn about features on buildings and the like.Runs until early September... See an online version of the booklet or get a copy from the Tourist Information Centre.Ipswich Family Trail

    Latest reply: I have to admit it really pisses me off. They cannot "smells what sells"... the charity mass public participation event was a huge success. The fundraising element is irrelevant in the context but the borough and Ipswich Central must realise the...

  6. dan5

    Wetherspoons Robert Ransome To Become Yates

    by dan5 in Activities & SocialJul 28, 2017 with 0 replies and 33 views.

    Ipswich Society is reporting that the Wetherspoons pub Robert Ransome (previously Yates) has closed and will reopen as Yates in August 2018.The former Wetherspoons pub has closed for a complete revamp and conversion and is scheduled to reopen on Friday 25th August as YATES.The left photo was taken earlier this year and the right photo was taken today. The doors are closed and the blinds are down and the Wetherspoons name has been removed...

  7. martinc

    welcome back!

    by martinc in Activities & SocialJun 28, 2017 with 6 replies and 53 views. would you like to see?can't reply to that topic though...

    Latest reply: Working on replacement platform. Current site will be kept in place as data is migrated across. IPSWI alpha is probably remaining read-only for a while once the new site takes over. I think I will miss the current design a bit (although it really...

  8. Ipswi

    University of Suffolk enters Complete University Guide 2018

    by Ipswi in Activities & SocialApr 26, 2017 with 0 replies and 25 views.

    Ipswich Waterfront-based University of Suffolk has entered the Complete University Guide for the first time. Placed at 129 it is nothing to write home about however due to the newness of the university, it can only really climb the table (or so we all hope!). Academics have said this is due to not being able to submit data for all the categories.University of Suffolk joins Complete University Guide 2018 in last place, above Wrexham Glyndwr...

  9. dan5

    Empire Cinema Ipswich Buttermarket Centre anti-climax

    by dan5 in Activities & SocialApr 5, 2017 with 3 replies and 39 views.

    I went into the Buttermarket Centre this afternoon... up the escalator... and what an anti-climax for Empire Cinema!Big bold branding externally.Inside, after going up the escalator - the Buttermarket Centre - albeit Cosy Club and gym behind you... white empty shells for cafes and restaurants; somewhat fair enough, but I was surprised at Empire. Two Empire advertising flags... and that is about it.You need to venture left and through a...

    Latest reply: Received an A4 flyer in the post.MORE SCREENSMORE CHOICEMORE COMFORTOn the reverse were offers...WEEK 1: free regular 46oz popcorn (not prepackaged) with any same-day full priced ticket.WEEK 2: free regular diet pepsi/pepsi/pepsi...

  10. martinc

    Its gone...

    by martinc in Activities & SocialApr 4, 2017 with 1 replies and 22 views.

    very quiet.....

    Latest reply: but not today.. thanks..

  11. Ipswi

    Empire Cinema: Details and Ticket Prices

    by Ipswi in Activities & SocialMar 29, 2017 with 3 replies and 57 views.

    Empire Cinema is getting ready to launch. I have been on their website to relay some information. This isn't a sponsored post.Located in the Buttermarket Shopping Centre, our new 14 Screen Cinema opening on 31st March, will feature luxury seating as standard in all screens, along with giving cinemagoers the option to 'upgrade' and watch all the action on the biggest screens from the comfort of their very own luxury recliner or share one of...

    Latest reply: Martin, I went up St Stephens Lane last night around 9pm-ish and almost got run down by a car. At night it is worse. Free-for-all parking on St Stephens Lane and Arras Square at night. I would estimate around 20 or so vehicles in total including...

  12. Ipswi

    ebay selling

    by Ipswi in Activities & SocialMar 21, 2017 with 0 replies and 23 views.

    Has anyone had any luck with selling on eBay?Not exactly rocket science, I have listed a handful of items... my recent experiences so far:- People winning the listing just to use it as a way of negotiating further discount (frustrating when you have accepted a Best Offer!) Unresponsive people you cannot contact or get to pay for the item post-auction (well BIN listing) People who "Make an Offer" (binding for 48hrs) and retract the...

  13. Ipswi

    Please Photo or take Video of traffic chaos

    by Ipswi in Activities & SocialFeb 17, 2017 with 0 replies and 20 views.

    Call to Action! Please don't just witness how bad the traffic chaos starting next week (Monday February 20th) is but document it with evidence of photos and video clips!I will try to do the same. I might take my camera for the next month or so.If you have a photo please upload it as a reply to this message. If you have a video, please upload to YouTube (or message me) and paste a link to it as a reply below.

  14. Ipswi

    Important: Readme (Activities & Social)

    by Ipswi in Activities & SocialFeb 8, 2017 with 0 replies and 20 views.

    Welcome to the Activities & Social forum of ipswi.comipswi is the Greater Ipswich alternative for Streetlife which will be no more.ipswi is run by local company Ipswich Ltd.ipswi is suitable for those living in Suffolk with a focus on Greater Ipswich (Ipswich, Stowmarket, Kesgrave, Martlesham, Felixstowe). The site allows general discussion on topics, more localised areas and showcase area where you can promote your talents....

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