Change in Ipswich or more of the same?

Ipswich goes to the polls today to choose our new MP.

The options are clear:-

Ben Gummer who will continue on the path of the undemocratic Ipswich Vision, continue focus on the Ipswich Waterfront, build the Upper Orwell Crossings and complete the Cornhill Redevelopment.

Sandy Martin who appears at first glance to do more for Ipswich than the Ipswich Waterfront (already proposing doing something with county hall), build a Northern Bypass, axe the vanity bridge to prevent worsening air pollution in our town and tackle some of societies ills (such as homelessness problems and begging).

Wildcard (any other candidate) extremely unlikely but certainly not impossible.

Ben Gummer has done quite a bit for the town but Sandy Martin promises new direction.

Ipswich Waterfront despite all the attention it gets, has struggled and even with £20m public finance to complete the Wine Rack, there is still the issue of selling the apartments. It will then be back to square one with ‘Enterprise Island’ for the residential part there. It is surely logical just to let developers get on with the housing projects on the northern fringe and adastral park?

Ipswich needs to utilise our heritage more and attract tourists. Focusing on day visitors and being a pass-through hub for tourists going to the Suffolk Coast isn’t adequate.

Under Ben Gummer’s leadership, the Vision is narrowly focused in one direction with very slow progress. If Sandy Martin can look outside the box and be entrepreneurial Ipswich will have a big gain.

We will have to wait and see who the people of Ipswich have voted for!

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