New Welcome Signs create disappointment and confusion over county town and twin town statuses

So, they are finally here. New welcome signs which promote Ipswich as the waterfront town.

Compared to the old signs, we lose three important distinctions:-

  • County Town (of Suffolk) – It is a disgrace this has been overlooked
  • Twin Town (with Arras, France) – has this partnership been dissolved in light of Brexit vote?
  • University Town – not as important, our signs displayed it proudly for Suffolk to have a university after almost 60 years without.

The following image from Planet Ipswich (copyright Stefrapes Productions) shows the old sign…

Copyright Stefrapes Productions/Planet Ipswich

Ipswich Ltd is disappointed in the direction we are heading. Very few people in the town associates themselves as living in a waterfront town – it isn’t part of our historical local culture to go down to the docks, as it would be if you lived in a seaside town. The attempted regeneration and long overdue nature of trying to convert our old docks into an expensive playground for middle class people with luxurious flats in respect of the Wine Rack and housing on Enterprise Island isn’t representative of the town with its doughtnut configuration of housing estates.

We have always been critical of the twin-town partnership being a small exclusive club, when it should be utilised for tourism and commerce for both towns. It is an ideal opportunity to strengthen ties now as the UK leaves the European Union. It appears it has been decided that the people don’t want it for voting to Leave the EU. There is no ability to bolt on secondary signage below to include this.

It is a disaster the new signs exclude the fact we are the county town – and this is something we need to be clear about. Local government is selling us out again to Bury St Edmunds.

The University Town sign isn’t very important but removing it after a year seems a bit of a pointless exercise.

Ipswich Ltd is frustrated with the Ipswich Waterfront focus… the original design included the marina views not just the university building, so the zoomed up nature is a little surprising. Ipswich should be promoted as the Oldest English Town and for our heritage. It is embarrassing diverting all the focus to try and sell a few flats.

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