Ipswich public reacts negatively towards news of Cornhill Redevelopment

Within 3 hours of Ipswich Star reporting Ipswich Cornhill should get final go-ahead for redevelopment to start many residents took to facebook, twitter and Ipswich Star website during the bank holiday weekend to criticise the plans.

If Ipswich Borough Council decide to force it through (which we expect upon speculation that contracts have already been signed through Ipswich Vision) this could be a significant turning point. Ipswich already suffers through the undemocratic Ipswich Vision.

The following comments were discovered within this time and over the next few days we expect the comments to multiply somewhat.

Comments on facebook:-

  • they will be making a big mistake if they approve in current form. We do not need steps, water feature, or monoliths. If you want to hear the views of the public on this go and read the numerous representations against the scheme on the Borough planning website. You would do well to reflect those views in your paper!
  • It looks the most dull & ridiculous design, what are its objectives?
  • Another waste of money
  • Looking at the picture that wouldn’t make me want to go into town.
  • Total waste of money build a shelter for the homeless or something useful, where is all the money coming from for the redevelopment?
  • Pigs might fly
  • Ready for another Ipswich c##* up, if they have spare money, give it to Heath Road hospital and do some good instead.
  • Don’t we have great people running this country and towns they all say we have to have budget cuts to pay this big debt off what we didn’t even do now they want to spend taxpayers money on a load of crap how about spending not on jobs and homes you dumb asses
  • Yah, because that’s what Ipswich needs …….
  • Waste of money incl the fee’s already paid!!!!!
  • I can’t wait to say OMG….. These planners don’t have a clue.
  • dont need a new look need good jobs and people who are homeless housed
  • I think it’s an absurd waste of the tax people’s monies. It’s not going to bring any more people into town. How about mending some of the pot holes in our roads.
  • what a waste of money 3.2 million ?
  • Such a shame, they are going to ruin the Cornhill.
  • I hope it’s not like the back of sailmakers – it’s a death trap when it’s wet
  • Totally bad. Yet more millions wasted, it looks rubbish and why does it need steps.
  • Is there ramps going up to this thing for buggies and wheelchair users ?
  • The article says that the current plans have attracted much less criticism as if that’s a good thing. It isn’t, by definition it’s still receiving criticism. Also “the new proposals have gone down well with the public”. Obviously not read the comments then. This project needs to take a major step back before millions more of taxpayers money is wasted.
  • The biggest waste of money was the £21 million they put in to the transport and now have you seen the state of traffic in the town and a whole 6 waiting parking bays at Ipswich station ……. well done planners too job
  • could would won’t..
  • Wasting more money
  • Another mess up like the area near Willis, supposed to improve junction but now an accident black spot

Twitter comments:-

  • if so much money really HAS to be spent, why not on something more worthwhile? Terrible waste (as usual)
  • no point spending £’000s on this when the town does not attract new shops & has poor parking, nothing to come for
  • Can I ask the question, Lord Stuart Rose, the man that is put off by the cornhill via M&S, how much are they contributing to the 3.2 million
  • Upper Orwell Crossings £100m, Travel Ipswich £21m, this £3m – Seems Ipswich have their priorities straight and any visible [benefit]?
  • Would a [waste] of money. Should sort out the roads. And path. And some of shops

Ipswich Star comments:-

  • I wonder where the research is that tells IBC that people are staying away from Ipswich because of the current layout of the Cornhill. Having driven most visitors to the town away with excessive and some would say necessary road improvement schemes now it is time to start on the shoppers and businesses that will be impacted by these works and drive them out of town too. As it is a council proposed scheme i can’t see any planning hurdles, all those in favour, aye.
  • The view from the Post Office showing the water feature? What Post Office…..If you mean the old Post Office building then call it that……
  • So the “town hall plaza” gets a brand new £3 million + facelift and then the council wants to put market stalls back on there to spoil it. To have vehicles on there packing up stalls, dustbin lorries, road sweep machines and all the usual grubbiness from food deposits. Why would you want market stalls on a brand new picture book refurbishment ? Not even Queen Street is a suitable place for market stalls. There are enough car parks in this town centre so why can we not use a car park for a temporary market stall area on market days. The small car park in St Nicholas St is a perfect place for a market. Then after the council have seen sense and block paved Upper Brook Street we can get rid of the Cattle Market Bus Station and put a bigger and better outdoor market there !!!!!!!!
  • Look at the absolute state of that. And they think it’s an improvement? Why are there steps? What’s the point? They don’t improve anything they just make it more awkward accessibility wise. Replace the paving, and not using the high slip slabs they have used at the station, and it will look far better for a fraction of the cost. The decked and stepped area is just awful.
  • More news from the master of non news, wait until it gets the go ahead geater before you put it in this rag. Are you standing for major because you have enough bull to make the grade shame you don’t cut the mustard as a journalist.
  • I agree with Chantry. The market should be relocated to Cromwell Square, at least temporarily. It’s also near to an area where most of the shops are independents. Most of the buildings in the town centre are Victorian and I hope the revamped Cornhill will reflect this.

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